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Raw skinless Dover sole
A cooked skinless dover sole
Cooked skinless Dover sole

Dover sole - skinless

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Ssshh keep it quiet. We like to hold a very small quantity of skinned Dover soles. We have three versions - ’fully-trimmed’ means the fish is headless as well as skinless, ’skinless’ means they still have their heads, 'half skinned' means only the dark side has been removed. We source these Dover sole from the south coast of the UK and they're always frozen at the 'peak' of freshness. If going for a fully skinned Dover sole people often sprinkle a little flour on the exposed skin before frying in butter. This will give the flesh a little extra protection and leave a pleasant crispy finish. 

  • One fish per pack
  • 350-450g recommended serving for one person for the main course
  • South coast British Dover sole
  • The no-fuss sole to make sole meuniere


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