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Genuine angulas are as rare as hens’ teeth. However, we recently secured a very small shipment, which arrived by Securicor and is kept in the Fish Palace strongroom. If £10 a mouthful is a bit ambitious, try the surimi angulas. They’re...
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Whole freshwater eel on ice
Freshwater eel - whole
Eel gives some people the shudders, but it has a wonderful, rich meat. ’Sometimes, I think it’s my favourite fish’ said fish guru, Jane Grigson. Our eels are normally farmed eels from Ireland or Holland. We also offer steaks of eel and...
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Freshwater eel steaks cut on the bone style
Freshwater eel steaks
’The queen of palate pleasure’ is how Izaak Walton described the eel. True, he liked most fish - but this was a special accolade. Ours are fine freshwater eel from Ireland or Holland - normally farmed, these days. They have been cleaned...
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Jellied eels in a bowl
Jellied eels
Our jellied eels are Bradley's brand. They're available in many Tesco stores (without any delivery charge). A pot contains about 5 pieces of eel and plenty of jelly. Please note that because this item is frozen, the jelly splits a little...
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