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Fillet steak of gigha Scottish halibut
Cooked halibut fillet steaks with breadcrumbs on top
Halibut fillet steaks in the pan

Fillet steaks from halibut

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Halibut has long been the king of the flatfish. In the wild they grow to over 100kg and yield beautiful, white, oily, flavoursome fillets. But, because of their prestige the wild stocks have been pressured and thus the requirement for an aquaculture alternative was born. Here it is! These halibut have come from a farm on the Scottish Isle of Gigha. The farm is at the peak of sustainability and the fish are fed on only organic feed without any yukky additives. We buy fish that are 6kg - 8kg, these fish are large enough for us to produce our thick signature cut fillet steak. 

  • The best quality farmed halibut 
  • Farmed on the Isle of Gigha
  • Recommended serving size per person: 160g steak
  • Organic


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