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Two blue abalone from New Zealand
The shell of the abalone (it rhymes with baloney by the way, and is also known as ormer) is a nondescript grey-brown outside but with a fabulous mother of pearl inside. You will keep it forever. New Zealand Blue Abalone: These stunning...
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Slices of escolar sashimi
Abura-sokomutsu - Sashimi Escolar
Sashimi cut from the best segments of escolar fillet (back not belly). This fish has a very high oil content. Eat in moderation - we recommend no more than 170g per person. And we should tell you that following a dreadful incident in a...
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Two raw al caprawns in fishing net with mussel shells
Al Caprawns
Big prawns, large prawns, jumbo prawns, huge prawns... whatever you call them, your guests will simply GASP! They’ll need both hands to eat these giant prawns which weigh up to half a pound / 220g each (and very occasionally, even more)...
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Huge deveined al caprawns
Al Caprawns - deveined
Big prawns have big ’veins’ (to put it politely) which are a real ***** to remove prior to cooking. You don’t absolutely have to do this, and they can be removed after cooking - but only if you peel them, which rather defeats the object....
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Amandes de mer in a sieve and on white surface
Amandes de mer / Dog cockles
The French are so much more poetic about food than us. Amande is French for almond, and the name Amande de Mer literally means almond of the sea. And that’s precisely what you can taste in this quite large clam (about three times the...
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Two cooked american lobsters
American cooked lobster
Fancy a New England or Canadian lobster? A vast lobster industry there exports all over the world and Americans abroad tend to insist on ’Maine lobster if you please’. These are cooked and ready to eat. They tend to be smallish - you'll...
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Fresh anchovies on white paper
Anchovies - 'fresh'
What, not tinned? No. And not salted either. Not even filleted. Er, did we mention not cleaned? Don’t worry you can cook and eat them whole if you like. A fantastic flavour experience, straight out of the sea, and not remotely like...
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Genuine angulas are as rare as hens’ teeth. However, we recently secured a very small shipment, which arrived by Securicor and is kept in the Fish Palace strongroom. If £10 a mouthful is a bit ambitious, try the surimi angulas. They’re...
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Arbroath Smokies
Arbroath Smokies
Arbroath’s very real contribution to world cuisine. These are small whole haddock (head off and cleaned, but otherwise left on the bone) which have been hot-smoked - in other words, smoked and cooked simultaneously. Very different from...
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Two fillet steaks fo arctic char
Arctic char
Surely the Arctic Char was decked out by Yves St Laurent. Who else could have come up with pink polka-dots on a warm green background? The sheer beauty of the whole fish is quite amazing. This is a relative of the salmon which likes to...
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Raw arctic char misshapes
Arctic char misshapes
Misshapes are nice pieces of fish that are left over when we make steaks. They’re boneless and skinless. Have a look at this maple glazed arctic char recipe , whilst these are not steaks you could still marinate the misshapes into sticky...
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Fresh cod roe
Assorted fresh roes
Turbot roe, which often turns up here, has a pleasant, mild taste. Turbot roe is a rare item but highly regarded by epicures when it does turn up... for instance see what Felix Hirsch said when he encountered it at the highly-regarded...
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