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A tin of Oscietre caviar
Caviar Number 2 Oscietre
Caviar Number 2 is from Guldenstaedtii or Osceitre sturgeon, and this is produced by our friends in Italy. In the days when caviar came from wild fish, oscietre was unusually variable in terms of size, flavour and colour. At its most...
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Mother of pearl caviar dish
Caviar dish
A beautiful mother of pearl dish for your caviar, 8 cms diameter.
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Beluga caviar on a mother of pearl dish
Caviar Number 3 Beluga/Baerii
Our Caviar Number 3 is produced by crossing a baerii or Siberian sturgeon with the larger huso or beluga sturgeon. Like Numbers 1 and 2, it’s from our longstanding Italian suppliers. It’s a valuable hybrid that’s almost as good as...
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A single caviar spoon
Caviar spoons
Exquisite hand-made spoons. Not quite as exciting as licking caviar off the back of your hand, but a lot less messy. We normally have two sizes. 11 centimeters is the standard size - about the length of your middle finger. The 5cm spoons...
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An open tin of caviar number one
Caviar Number 1 Baerii
This caviar is produced from Baerii (also known as Siberian) sturgeon by a respected Italian caviar farm. Many think it is similar to oscietre, but we reckon it’s closer to sevruga. We launched this brand in 2011 and it has been very...
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