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A bottle of clam juice
Clam juice
Clam juice is the broth made from steaming clams (it doesn’t contain clam meat). It’s unknown over here but is in every US supermarket, where they use it as a stock for cooking and also as a cocktail with tomato juice (’Clamato’ - a...
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A bowl of clam chowder
Clam chowder
This is our own recipe, made with love and care, not to mention oodles of clams and proper bacon... it might even convince The New England Chowder Compendium and Barry Popik. Not cheap but goes well beyond cheerful. This is a frozen...
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Cooked meretrix clams in a blue and white bowl
Meretrix clams
These are cockle-sized clams are from Viet Nam and they are a passable alternative to Venus clams. Surf clams are reasonably priced, quite meaty and very popular. They come in two versions: with both shells or with one shell removed,...
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Live surf clams
Surf clams
A good-sized tasty clam in a smooth creamy shell.
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An arctic surf clam on a rice ball
Hokkigai - Arctic Surf Clams
An interesting addition to our sashimi range. These colourful clams look great included in any sashimi dish, and are a welcome change in flavour from the more mainstream sashimi. These clams have been blanched (boiled very briefly), and...
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Three cooked shelled cockles on a cocktail skewer
Cockles - shelled
You can’t beat the aroma of cockles... sweet and utterly unique - be they ever so humble, they sure are a wonderful eating experience. Ever tried them in an omelette? These are cooked and shelled cockles, ready to eat or re-heat....
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Amandes de mer in a sieve and on white surface
Amandes de mer / Dog cockles
The French are so much more poetic about food than us. Amande is French for almond, and the name Amande de Mer literally means almond of the sea. And that’s precisely what you can taste in this quite large clam (about three times the...
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Smoked haddock chowder with black pepper and bread
Smoked haddock chowder
Chowder means hearty! Ingredients: lots of smoked haddock, potatoes, onions, fish stock, cream, parsley, milk, salt and pepper. Two generous serving s per tub. This is a frozen soup, made by us.
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An open cherrystone clam close up picture
Cherrystone clams
These are one of the largest clam species - it’s not unusual to find them 5 inches wide. Reflecting different sizes, they have a bewildering variety of names including quahog (’cohog’), cherrystone, littleneck and more. They’re native to...
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Warty Venus Clams
Warty Venus clams
Despite the spectacularly unattractive name, this is a pretty good clam. In France, it's known as the praire and generally considered to be on a par with the palourde. Often eaten raw, with just a squeeze of lemon juice. Has decent-sized...
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Fresh shiny verni clams
Verni clams
The magnificent verni clam comes from France. They’re large, polished like no other clam (verni is French for varnished) and the taste is seriously gourmet. They don’t come cheap, but what a treat! Sizes a 70g clam (what we call large)...
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Cockles in brine in a remcan
Cockles in brine
No self-respecting seaside holiday - in the UK at any rate - is complete without a little plastic pot of cockles and a cocktail stick. Here’s the same thing to enjoy at home. Perhaps because the individual pieces are quite small, cockle...
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