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Cobia belly sashimi - a thin strip
Sugi - sashimi cobia belly
Sashimi grade Cobia, cut from the belly of the fish. Its high fat content makes it a valuable newcomer for sashimi.
From £6.20
Cobia back sashimi strip also known as sugi
Sugi - sashimi cobia
You never came across Cobia in a sushi bar? (Even under its Japanese name, sugi?) That's because it's a newcomer. It's rare in the wild but cobia farming has taken off in recent years. Its high fat content makes it a natch for sashimi.
From £10.90
A raw cobia fillet steak
Cobia Fillet Steaks
Cobia is an emerging farmed fish. Let's hand the floor to Brian O Hanlon, who has a lot of money riding on it..."kind of like Chilean Sea Bass meets Swordfish. It is incredibly versatile and you can do just about anything with the fish....
From £13.30