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Thin fillets of smoked eel presented with cress and lemon
Smoked eel
Probably the finest smoked fish of all... well worth the rather steep price. Some people like the delicate thin fillets from smaller eel which will give you up to five fillets per 100g. Others prefer strapping great fillets from large...
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Freshwater eel steaks cut on the bone style
Freshwater eel steaks
’The queen of palate pleasure’ is how Izaak Walton described the eel. True, he liked most fish - but this was a special accolade. Ours are fine freshwater eel from Ireland or Holland - normally farmed, these days. They have been cleaned...
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Whole freshwater eel on ice
Freshwater eel - whole
Eel gives some people the shudders, but it has a wonderful, rich meat. ’Sometimes, I think it’s my favourite fish’ said fish guru, Jane Grigson. Our eels are normally farmed eels from Ireland or Holland. We also offer steaks of eel and...
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Unagi kabayaki - Marinated eel fillet
Unagi kabayaki - Marinated eel fillet
A renowned Japanese dish. Filleted, boneless eel marinated in a special sweet soy sauce (with a barbeque-esque flavour) and then grilled. Delicious!
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Fresh conger eel on the bone steaks
Conger eel
The conger eel grows huge (up to 60kgs) and yields generous steaks (pictured) and fillet steaks. Firm flesh and a good sweet flavour make conger eel perfect for a great fish stew or hearty soup. But you can also prepare straightforwardly...
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Jellied eels in a bowl
Jellied eels
Our jellied eels are Bradley's brand. They're available in many Tesco stores (without any delivery charge). A pot contains about 5 pieces of eel and plenty of jelly. Please note that because this item is frozen, the jelly splits a little...
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Smoked eel on the bone steaks side
Smoked eel on the bone steaks
On-the-bone steaks of our fine smoked eel. Our eel supplier is a member of the Sustainable Eel Group. 1-2 pieces per pack, ready to eat.
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Genuine angulas are as rare as hens’ teeth. However, we recently secured a very small shipment, which arrived by Securicor and is kept in the Fish Palace strongroom. If £10 a mouthful is a bit ambitious, try the surimi angulas. They’re...
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Grilled freshwater eel fillet
Freshwater eel fillets
Freshwater eel carefully butterflied by our expect filleter. These fillets are perfect for grilling 'kabayaki' style, a Japanese fish preparation involving sweet soy. Each fillet, similar to a kipper, contains small bones.
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