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Whole trimmed megrim sole
Megrim sole - whole
1 whole trimmed and gutted megrim sole Great grilled or roasted whole with plenty of butter A 450g fish will generously feed 2 people The megrim is a perfectly fine fish, but it provokes comparison with the Dover sole. This is a contest...
From £10.50
Megrim sole fillets
Megrim sole fillets
2 skin-on megrim sole fillets Prefect fillets to pan fry A 350g pack could readily make two servings Megrim fillets can be surprisingly large - everything you need to know about megrim sole can be found here . Despite our honest opinion,...
From £20.80
Megrim sole pan ready
Megrim sole - pan ready
Our pan ready megrim sole are hand prepared, removing the head, cleaned, trimmed the fins, we leave the skin on, and as the name suggests these pan ready fish are ready to cook on the bone. We love it grilled or roasted whole with plenty...
From £20.90