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Raw wild Canadian sidestripe shrimp tails
Wild sidestripe shrimp tails
Beautiful sidestripe shrimp tails, frozen in the sea water they swam in! About 35 shrimp tails per pack.
From £25.10
Wild prawn tails on the griddle
Wild prawn tails
This is a good-sized wild prawn. It's been neatly processed to give you just the tail (no head) and cleverly deveined - saving you all that trouble but with the shell left in situ, so adding an extra dimension to your meal. If you like...
From £11.90
Raw whole wild Australian king prawns
Whole wild king prawns
These are Australian Spencer Gulf MSC certified whole wild king prawns. They are a beautiful prawn from a well managed fishery that has travelled around the world to be on your plate. They have a lighter colour than other Asian tiger...
From £26.60
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A bowl of deep fry only prawns
Deep fry prawns
Deep fry only! Lovely long prawns that crisp up fantastically. Just deep fry at 180c for 3 to 3 and a half minutes from frozen.
From £4.90 £10.40
Cooked king prawns in garlic butter
King prawns in garlic butter
Jumbo peeled king prawns with hand made garlic butter. Throw in your pan or microwave for just 2 minutes. We use a 50g knob of garlic butter in each pack which should prove ample. Jumbo size prawns used King prawn tails / tiger prawn...
From £11.80
Tempura king prawns and dipping sauce
King prawns in tempura batter
These are oven-bake tempura prawns. These are not a gourmet item - just dip-em-in the chilli sauce and gobble-em-up fare. But utterly irresistible. About 30 prawns per pack.
From £13.20
Whole king prawns in a pan with lemon
Whole king prawns - raw
This is the black tiger prawn farmed throughout South-East Asia. Eat by themselves or toss a couple into a cooked dish to make it look spectacular. Fun to peel at the dinner table. These prawns are great to grill on the bbq as the shell...
From £24.20
Two raw al caprawns in fishing net with mussel shells
Al Caprawns
Big prawns, large prawns, jumbo prawns, huge prawns... whatever you call them, your guests will simply GASP! They’ll need both hands to eat these giant prawns which weigh up to half a pound / 220g each (and very occasionally, even more)...
From £57.90
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Peeled raw king prawn tails
Peeled king prawns - raw
Our raw peeled king prawns are ready to go after defrosting. They have been peeled and deveined so no further cleaning is required before hitting the pan. The tiger prawn from South-East Asia is the world’s favourite king prawn, but...
From £8.80 £11.00
Atlantic prawns with slices of Avocado
Best North Atlantic peeled prawns
These prawns from Greenland have been one of our best selling lines for over 20 years. Cooked and ready to eat. We have tasted many cold water prawns and have absolutely no doubt that these are the finest. These are the pink prawns that...
From £13.80
Ebi prawns on a rice ball ready to eat
Ebi - sushi prawns
20 superbly-prepared sushi prawns per tray - cooked, peeled (tail is left on) and then butterflied - to make the perfect filling for a tiger eye or nestle carefully on your nigiri. But you don’t have to be a sushi-fan to appreciate Ebi....
From £13.30
A whole carabineros and a peeled carabineros tail
Scarlet prawns - AKA Carabineros
Most prawns are grey in real life but this one is naturally red. And that’s not just sort of red... it’s a stonking bright don’t-mess-with-me shocking red. These prawns are raw, so you will need to cook them, which is straightforward -...
From £50.30
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