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A strip of sake salmon belly sashimi
Sake - organic salmon belly sashimi
A hero from the sushi bar - cuts from the fat-rich belly of salmon (as with meat, fat means flavour). Never tried sushi? Start with one pack of this salmon sushi - it’s sublime. Watch our sushi video .
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Premium scottish smoked salmon on rye bread
Premium Scottish smoked salmon
This small smokehouse uses pretty much the same fish as our other suppliers of farmed smoked salmon. But it doesn’t hurry, and takes extra car in the finer details of the smoking process. The salmon fillets are rope hung during smoking...
From £15.60
A fresh salmon fillet steak
Salmon fillet steaks
This is our fallback for when supplies of organically farmed salmon are short. So this is superior grade conventionally farmed salmon. Our supplier is RSPCA -endorsed and holds many other meaningful accreditations. You will certainly...
From £10.10
Two whole salmon fillets
Salmon - whole fillet
These are party pieces - whole salmon fillets, 14-18 inches long. We leave the skin on (but they are descaled), and of course, all bones have been removed. They look spectacular when served. We suggest you cook them in in foil, in the...
From £48.10
Two cooked king salmon fillet steaks
King Salmon Fillet Steaks
The king or chinook salmon has always been the most coveted of the several species of Pacific salmon. Now, someone in New Zealand has cracked how to farm it. (And, by golly, how to charge for it!) We got in a small shipment for customers...
From £29.50
Two raw salmon fillet portions
Salmon fillet portions
Salmon fillet portions are cut from the lower end of the salmon fillet. They are slightly thinner than our traditional salmon fillet steaks.
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Two raw fresh organic salmon fillet portions
Organic salmon fillet portions
These are boneless fillet portions from organically farmed salmon. Organic salmon costs more than other farmed salmon and has a more attractive look and taste. A quick visit to an intensive low-cost salmon farm followed by one to an...
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Salmon misshapes in a bowl
Salmon misshapes
Misshapes are nice pieces of fish that are left over when we make steaks. They’re boneless and skinless. You could cook them up by themselves - just flash fry in butter - or mix a few packs up to make a fish stew or fish pie.
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Fides pates on crackers
Fides pates from Portugal
Fides is Portugal’s favourite brand of fishy pates. They’re hyper-convenient because they come in packs of four single-serving capsules and you can keep them in your cupboard for ages. The full range when available includes tuna,...
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A spoonful of smoked salmon mousse
Smoked salmon mousse
We’ve blended smoked salmon and smoked trout with creme fraiche, a little lemon juice and dill to make a truly scrumptious filling. A few bright orange trout eggs are then added - they bring a real touch of class. There’s a little slice...
From £9.30
Two cooked handmade salmon fishcakes
Handmade salmon fishcakes
From the same guys who make our classic fishcakes and the smoked haddock and bacon ones. Natural breadcrumbs, plenty of fish, not too much potato, some lemon, some dill, no e-numbers, no funny stuff period. Did we say delicious?
From £9.40
Whole wild sea trout cooked
Whole wild sea trout
The sea trout (or as it’s known in Wales, the sewin) starts out as a fresh-water brown trout, before emigrating seawards. There it changes its spots into a fish virtually indistinguishable from salmon, and at least equally esteemed by...
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