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A tin of Ortiz sardines
Ortiz tinned sardines
You can buy a tin of sardines in Aldi for 37p. Even Waitrose have perfectly good sardines for 60p. So how do we get to this price? Answer 1: just try them. Answer 2: superior fish, cleaned by hand, packed in virgin olive oil. Did you...
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Fides pates on crackers
Fides pates from Portugal
Fides is Portugal’s favourite brand of fishy pates. They’re hyper-convenient because they come in packs of four single-serving capsules and you can keep them in your cupboard for ages. The full range when available includes tuna,...
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Whole sardines
Sardines beg to be eaten with your fingers. They normally come ’entire’ which means with the guts in*, so you’ll have to clean them - it is but a moment’s work. When you’ve done that, try stuffing the sardines with baby spinach and lemon...
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Butterflied sardine fillet stacks in a pan
Sardine fillets
It is a sad truth, acknowledged even by that breed of fish-lover for whom eating a whole sardine with your fingers is a totemic experience, that some sardine bones are inedible. But not all. Yes, these sardine fillets contain those...
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Sardines in a metal rack
Sardine BBQer / cage
A fold-over cage that fully justifies its price by being extremely well hand-made, good looking and amazingly efficient. Every sardine fan needs one. Takes 12 sardines.
Sardinillas as canapes
Top grade hand-prepared immaculate tiny sardines canned in olive oil. We have two brands - the superb La Brujula - about 18 fish, or the more economical fishRjumpin, a little larger - 12 fish per tin - still very good.
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