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Scallop quarters
Scallop quarters
These are scallops that didn’t make it whole through the shelling procedure. They’re from top class Scottish scallops, which were pretty damn big to start with, so a quarter is still a genuine mouthful. And at a much lower price than...
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Raw king scallops on wooden chopping board
King scallops - no coral
For several years, we stocked only dived scallops (that means your scallops were collected by a wetsuit-clad eco-hero), but the price premium has grown alarmingly. So we now offer dredged as well as dived. Here’s an independent account...
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Scallops that have been caught by a diver
Dived king scallops
We buy all of our hand dived scallops from Scotland. They can be seasonal as the divers struggle to get out frequently during the winter, this in turn slows supply and shoots the price up in the off season. Luckily for you, we try and...
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Four scallops shells
Scallop shells
Add that finishing touch. These are all unchipped, concave shells, scrubbed and boiled clean - so ready to use. They come in two ’interior finishes’ - banded and white. Of course, we also sell scallops. If you were looking for FLAT...
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Whole roeless smoked scallops
Smoked scallops
Trendsetting foodies will know all about smoked scallops. Smoking imparts a little bite and a lot of taste: you know it’s a scallop, but it’s a rather different beast. And it tastes gorgeous. Ours are hot-smoked (ie cooked as well as...
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Queen scallops no roe
Queens - shelled
The queen scallop or queenie is a smaller cousin of the king scallop. It has the same culinary potential but you get a lot more for your money. Our queens are individually frozen but it must be said, each has a heavy ice jacket. However,...
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A cooked scallop mornay
Scallop Mornay
Our scallop mornay is a superb handmade rendition of this classic recipe. Presented in a real scallop shell, it contains 60g scallop meat per serving. 100% natural ingredients - just like would make it yourself, if only you had the time....
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King scallops in a baking tray with tomatoes and lemon
King scallops with coral
Big and gorgeously sweet Scottish scallops. They are hand shucked by professionals on the quayside. There are 6 scallops in each pack. They are packed and frozen together. When defrosting, you will have to defrost all 6 at once. Try...
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Scallop roe
Scallop coral (roe) - for sauce
Bright red scallop roe gives colour, flavour and texture to your sauces. These roes have been removed from the highest quality scallops, hand dived from around the UK
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