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Sea Bass roe
Sea Bass roe
Sea bass roes removed from beautiful large wild fish. Simply poach and fry for a real treat.
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Sea bass belly sashimi on rice nigiri
Suzuki - sashimi sea bass belly
Not quite the Japanese sea bass, but we implore you to give our European sea bass ’suzuki’ a try. Wild caught and expertly handled.
From £6.90
Wild sea bass fillets
Sea bass, wild, boneless fillets
These fillets have been skillfully sliced from British fish. They tend to come from fish that are 1-2kg. They will be trimmed neatly and have had their pin bones removed.
From £56.50
One sea bass tail piece
Sea bass tail pieces
Tailpieces cut from large wild sea bass. We have removed the tail itself and of course, the fish has been descaled. These wonderful pieces of fish should be baked in the oven. Each one will give you two magnificent fillets, which will...
From £11.00
Suzuki sea bass sashimi on a rice ball
Suzuki - sashimi sea bass
The closest a Tokyo sushi bar would get to our fine European sea bass is ’suzuki’, which is a Japanese sea bass only distantly related to ours... it’s a pity they can’t get the real thing.
From £6.20
Whole sea bass and two whole fillets on white background
Sea bass, wild, whole
Fine wild sea bass from the English Channel. Scaled and gutted as usual. This fish is great to roast, or to poach in a fish kettle, and serving it up whole on the table will add a flourish to your meal. About 60% of the weight is edible,...
From £40.10
Two sea bass on the bone steaks
Sea bass, wild, on-the-bone steaks
We only have this item intermittently, as it requires (hideously expensive) huge wild fish, which are rare. Traditional ’through the fish’ O or U-shaped steaks (with a bone in the middle of the steak) like traditional salmon steaks......
From £19.10
Two fresh sea bass fillet steaks with chilli and ginger
Sea bass fillet steaks
These are no-expense-spared oblong-shaped boneless fillet steaks from the middle of the fillet of an extra large fish. You could also use these fillet steaks to make your own sushi and sashimi. Wild British sea bass These fillet steaks...
From £21.10
Two whole sea bass fillets on brown paper
Sea bass, fillets
Farmed sea bass fillets from Greece or Turkey. An economical alternative to our wild sea bass, but never quite as large.
From £12.50
Cooked sea bass misshapes
Sea bass misshapes
Misshapes are nice pieces of fish that are left over when we make steaks. They’re boneless and skinless. You could cook them up by themselves - just flash fry in butter - or mix a few packs up to make a fish stew or fish pie.
From £11.00
Canoed sea bass with butter and thyme
Canoed sea bass
Also known as a pocketed sea bass, these fish were filleted by a real knife-artist. He gets all the bones out (except the pin bones) through the back of the fish without disturbing the belly, thus creating a perfect receptacle for...
From £18.70
A whole sea bass
Sea bass, whole
Perfect restaurant style whole sea bass, cleaned and descaled, ready to pop in your oven. These fish are from Greek or Turkish sea bass farms. Fish weighing 600g or more could stretch to two servings.
From £6.80
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