Sea Urchins

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Uni sacs presented on ice in an urchin shell
Uni - sea urchin roe - sashimi grade
This is unalloyed sea urchin coral, aka uni. We have seen many versions of uni but this one, from Canada, beats all the others hands down. Our uni comes from the Canadian red sea urchin, the latin name is Strongylocentrotus franciscanus....
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Sea urchin roe paste on a spoon
Sea urchin roe paste
Sea urchins were reputedly served at the wedding of Hercules and Hebe, the Greek Goddess of Youth. This is a paste combining sea urchin roe with salt to create a product with some shelf life. It's in a jar. Serve it with pasta, make a...
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Sea urchin roe in brine from the tin
Sea urchin roe in brine
Beautiful Spanish sea urchin roe. This is a small tin of quite neatly processed urchin roes - typically half roes. Definitely, the most convenient form in which we sell this item.
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Two purple sea urchin shells
Sea urchin shells
2 shells per pack. These sea urchin shells still have their spines attached, and are a sensational way of serving starter courses. Regrettably, the spines will fall out in due course, but they will give you at least a few outings if you...
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