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Frozen laver in a ramekin
Frozen laver
A pureed seaweed from Wales. Rich in minerals, especially iron and iodine. Serve hot or cold, with seafood, meat (especially bacon) or even by itself.
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Samphire in a bowl
Frozen samphire
The seaside plant with a salty tang, found in coastal areas and a cousin to seaweed. Recognised as a superfood’, samphire is packed full of the good stuff. Regrettably, it loses its crisp texture when frozen, but it can still be made...
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Wakame in the tin in brine
Wakame in brine
Wakame has a gentle salty flavour typical of natural sea vegetables. It has a slight crunch and is more substantial than some of the other seaweeds we sell. Our tinned wakame is best when simply seasoned or matched with and Asian twist...
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Organic Dried Wakame Seaweed
Organic Dried Wakame Seaweed
Dried wakame seaweed, perfect for making Japanese soup and salad. It has a stong, distinctive flavour, sometimes refered to as 'Sea Mustard'. Simply soak to re-hydrate, and treat as fresh. Wakame will increase in size by 10 times when...
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Organic Japanese seaweed salad
Organic Japanese style seaweed salad
This gorgeous Japanese style seaweed salad makes seaweed very exciting! It combines wakame, sea spaghetti and kombu and is flavoured with tastes of the orient including soy sauce and sesame seeds. In oil/water/soy mix.
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A bag of dried seaweed salad
Organic Dried Seaweed Salad
Our seaweed salad is a combination of three very popular dried seaweeds; nori, wakame and sea lettuce. By combining the three it delivers a range of essential vitamins and minerals and provides an authentic tasting salad. The salad pairs...
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Seaweed salad in olive oil
Seaweed salad in organic olive oil
Seaweed is great for you, but don’t just listen to us: Seaweed is a highly concentrated source of essential nutrients. The olive oil adds a smooth European twist to the high-grade health salad.
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Spanish Kombu Seaweed
Organic Dried Kombu Seaweed
Kelp or Kombu is a seaweed that can grow to enormous lengths - over 30 metres - in dense forests which may extend for thousands of acres. A favourite nibble of sea urchins, kelp (kombu in Japan) has many uses from thickening ice cream to...
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A bag of dried sea spaghetti
Organic Dried Sea Spaghetti
Sea spaghetti sits within the mild end of the seaweed flavour spectrum. The long strands are best rehydrated, flavoured and then cooked. This turns it green, adding to visual appeal. The spaghetti can make a punchy side salad option when...
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Shelled cockles in a tin
Cockles & seaweed
These are superb large cockles presented in brine on a bed of kombu seaweed. Both cockles and kombu have an inner sweetness to their savoury profiles. This is a really special combination. If you’ve got any money left (!), add champagne....
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