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Two pots of potted shrimp turned upside down with lemon
Potted shrimps
The genuine Morecambe Bay article ready to eat, in clarified butter. The traditional accompaniment is a generous pile of thinly sliced bread and butter and a pot of tea. But you should try tipping a pot onto a very hot crispy baked...
From £5.50
A bowl of peeled brown shrimps on ice
Peeled brown shrimps
A British favourite. Imagine peeling these little guys? They are small, sweet and moreish.
From £8.50
A sieve full of whole cooked brown shrimps
Whole brown shrimps
An altogether classier cousin of ’Mr Pink’ and made famous by Morecombe. They are quite small and tricky to peel but if you have the patience it is worth the effort.
From £24.70