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Fjord trout fillet steaks
Fjord trout fillet steaks
Fjord trout is a lean, delicate fish with deep red/orange flesh, grown in the cold fjords of Norway. It grows to very large sizes and could easily be mistaken for salmon, but its low fat content and brilliant colour set it apart. Fjord...
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Two smoked trout fillets served with salad and crackers
Smoked trout fillets
A luscious, pretty, pink delicacy. Hot-smoked, and so ready to eat. One pair of fillets per pack. Skin on smoked trout fillets: You can peel the skin away very easily. We think this makes for a superior eating experience.
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Whole wild sea trout cooked
Whole wild sea trout
The sea trout (or as it’s known in Wales, the sewin) starts out as a fresh-water brown trout, before emigrating seawards. There it changes its spots into a fish virtually indistinguishable from salmon, and at least equally esteemed by...
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Potted hot smoked trout on a fork
Potted hot smoked trout
A fine snack for a fine fish-lover. This moreish pot contains hot smoked trout that has been mixed with herbs, lemon, yoghurt and cayenne pepper. It is quite a chunky pate, almost like a terrine. The texture of the trout remains course,...
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Whole hot smoked trout with grilled lemons
Smoked trout - whole
Delicate and luxurious. Hot-smoked, therefore ready to eat (although may be reheated).
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Fjord trout misshapes
Fjord trout misshapes
These pieces of Fjord trout didn't quite make it as fillet steaks, but are perfect for skewers on the bbq or mixing into pasta.
Whole baked rainbow trout with salad and spice
Rainbow trout
Our rainbow trout are absolutely beautiful and the eating qualities are on the same plane. There are two cleaned fish per pack. Normally, it’s one fish per portion but occasionally we have packs over 800g in weight: a rainbow trout of...
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Two stuffed raw brown trout
Brown trout
The native brown trout is a favourite of every angler, but is much less popular with trout farmers because. well, it’s a bit too fussy. So they all focus on the up-for-it rainbow trout (which originally came from America). However, a...
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