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Fish bones for stock and soup

Fish bones for stocks and soups

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We make a superb fish stock but some of you are determined to make your own. So here are non-oily fish bones and trimmings all nicely wrapped up in frozen vac packs. Our main range comprises the aristocrats of the sea: for instance sole, turbot, brill, John Dory. Sole bones normally include the heads, which are small. 


Fish stock

A Rolls Royce stock for those determined to make their own

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Two halibut heads
Fish heads
From £9.30
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Cooked lobster shells
Lobster shells & bodies
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Lighter coloured herring roe
Herring roe
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John Dory roe
John Dory roe
From £1.70
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Cooked crayfish
From £5.40 £9.00
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Turbot roe
Turbot roe
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Red Mullet roe
Red Mullet roe
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Brill roe
Brill roe
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A bottle of clam juice
Clam juice
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Herring melts on toast with parsley
Herring melts
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Two headless flounders
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Two blue abalone from New Zealand
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Sea Bass roe
Sea Bass roe
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Fish Roe
Carp roe
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Raw whole wild Australian king prawns
Whole wild king prawns
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A cooked spider crab
Spider crab - cooked
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Cooked octopus tentacles
Octopus tentacles
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Whole mirror carp
Whole carp
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A cat with a soft fish toy
Fish for cats and dogs
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Two swordfish steaks
Swordfish steaks
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