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International Shipping

Can you deliver to my country?

We can send tinned fish anywhere but fish which needs to be kept cold can be a challenge. We’ll consider delivering to most countries but it’s not always practical. If the transit time from the UK is over 48 hours, Smoked fish—since smoking is a means of preserving fish—can make these longer trips, but some fish which needs to be kept frozen cannot. So the first thing you need to know is the transit time. Please use this DHL website. Complete as follows:
     Country                     United Kingdom
     Zip code                     GU8 Brook
     Shipping date             Always enter the forthcoming Monday (regardless of when you actually want the fish to arrive).

     TO section                  Enter your details
Then press next and you will see the planned arrival time for a shipment leaving us on the Monday. If it’s Tuesday or Wednesday, we could ship you anything, subject to the issues below. If it’s Thursday or later, your options are more limited.

What will it cost?

The table below shows the approximate cost of delivering the smallest box we use for international consignments. This measures 41x17x27cms - about the size of a shoe box. It will take up to 3kgs of fish and 2kgs of ice gel packs.
     Australia            £135             China                £160                Nigeria               £150

     Brazil                 £145             India                 £140                Qatar                 £130

     Canada               £90             Mexico                 £90                South Africa       £140                

"Outlying addresses" (as judged by DHL) are surcharged £18. You can check your address on this DHL site.

If you wanted just 1kg of fish the delivery cost would be the same.  For orders exceeding 5kg, we use a bigger box and the delivery cost PER KILO will be lower. Please note that some items (such as whole salmon) will not fit in the 5kg box, even though they might weigh less than 5kg.

How will you pack my order?
Normally in a polystyrene box with plenty of dry ice to keep it as cold as possible.


What will be the temperature of my parcel when it arrives?
If the transit time is 24 hours, the parcel will normally be frozen at about 0 degrees C when you open it. It will be fine to put in your freezer. If your transit time is 48 hours, we will pack extra dry ice in your parcel and it should still be COLD TO THE TOUCH (under 5C) on arrival. This will be fine to refreeze. For longer transit times, it might be difficult to pack your fish to ensure it remains cold on arrival. However, smoked fish will stand up to modest periods at ambient temperatures without suffering unduly, especially if vacuum-packed - like ours.

Will I have to pay import duty?
None of our international customers has ever been asked to pay duty. But rules differ between countries and over time and you could be the first. If there is duty to pay, you will be aware via the DHL tracking website or via a phone call from DHL You will need to pay the duty by card straightaway to ensure timely delivery. We do not pay import duty - that is your responsibility.

What else I should know?
Sending highly perishable items like fish by an international courier who does not offer a refrigerated service CAN GO WRONG!  Your parcel will be “self-refrigerated" with gel packs and packed in an insulated box, but that can only sustain it for so long. In our experience 98% of parcels arrive on time. The other two percent can be held up by random events: your parcel might miss a flight, be impounded by a stroppy customs official or held up by a strike. To cover against such eventualities we offer insurance at 15% of invoice total. Otherwise, we just commit ourselves to packing your parcel properly and booking it on the right DHL service. And we’ll give you your DHL tracking number so you can monitor your parcel’s progress AND IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU DO THIS and contact DHL in your country (first) or us (second) if the DHL website shows anything likely to delay your parcel. 

Public holidays
Public holidays can frustrate timely delivery. When you place an order, we will agree a precise delivery date that suits you. YOU MUST FIRST CHECK that there are no public holidays in your country during the delivery week.