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Alistair: The Main Man


Alistair founded the Fish Society many years ago. When he’s not filleting he writes all those fishy blurbs, a task which reminds him of his previous existence as a journalist.

Favorite fish: Best North Atlantic Peeled Prawns

Kim: Kool, kalm and kollected


Kim looks after all the orders. She really loves people who don’t give an instruction for “where to leave if I am out”, especially if they have left the wrong phone number. She is also the sweetest-sounding outbound telesales lady on the planet.

Favorite fish: Black Cod

Marc: Handy with a knife


Marc is filleting some very handsome red mullet as I write this. He learned to do this as a chef, a skill he often deploys at Fish Palace when a new item needs to be tasted. He has nine children, but that’s another story!

Favorite fish: Cockles

Ben: IT demon


Our non-fish eating vegetarian IT man never works with his shoes on and would much rather turn the radiator up than put a jumper on. We tolerate this because we like him and when he’s not taking a month off in India, he keeps our IT working smoothly.

Favorite fish: “I’M A VEGGI”

Chi: Sassy stock artist


Chi is our highly educated stock clerk who keeps all of our weird and wonderful products in order. She is originally from Hong Kong and completed University in Surrey. We are happy to have her and she makes sure we don’t miss any detail.

Favorite fish: Madagascan prawns

Lorna: The librarian of fish


Lorna browses and selects fish with the intricacy of a seasoned librarian in an age-old library. Down in the deep freeze the fish are catalogued and graded in a style that resembles the shelves of a library. Lorna is our  master librarian

Favorite fish: Monkfish

Jeremy: Fishing mad


Jeremy gets involved in the marketing and operations of The Fish Society. He preaches the word of fish to the people of Britain and abroad. He has grown up a fisherman and loves examining the new fish as they arrive at Fish Palace from seas near and far.

Favorite fish: Scottish Scallops

Ange: Money Penny


Ange keeps the boat afloat and sailing in the right direction where money is concerned. Her cats diet become dramatically more luxurious after Ange started working here with its monthly helpings of fish mishapes.

Favorite fish: Halibut