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Three different flavours of butters

Flavoured butters

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The cupboard is rather bare at present because the lady who used to make us those delicious flavours up there has been unwell for a few months.  Until she's back in business, we only have the garlic and parsley butter from our French snail producer. It is excellent.


Garlic & Parsley

Butter (73%), Parsley (15%), Garlic (7.9%), shallot, salt, spices

Honey & Mustard

Butter, honey, water, salt, three kinds of mustard. The mustard ingredients variously include mustard seeds, mustard bran and mustard powder, white wine vinegar which contains sulphites, ale which contains barley, red wine, garlic powder, spices and salt.

Coriander, lime & chilli

Butter, salt, lime, coriander, chilli

Lemon & parsley

Butter, salt, lemon, parsley

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