Gilt-head sea bream fillets - 3kg
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Gilt-head sea bream fillets - 3kg

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3000g / 6 available
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Gilt-Head Sea Bream Fillets 3kg Case

This case contains 3kg of gilt-head sea bream fillets which is approximately 16-22 units. Economically priced by the case. Perfect for catering or large gatherings. Ready for next day delivery. 

Bream was once quite rare but 30 years ago someone cracked how to farm it on an industrial scale and it is now universally available. But don't look down on it; this fish was chosen to commercial farming precisely because it was valuable, and it was valuable because those who could afford it considered it delicious. It still is, and now we can all afford it. If you're looking for the perfect crispy skin, make sure you pat the skin dry with a paper towel first. 

We also sell whole gilt-head sea bream here.

How you've been using our gilt-head sea bream fillets...

  • "Pan fried simply in butter, this was absolutely perfect. Tasty, juicy, exactly as bream should be."
  • "Managed to crisp up the skin really well. The fish was beautifully filleted and tasted absolutely delicious. Will definitely be buying more."
  • "Love these, beautifully prepared, nice firm texture, great panfried or on BBQ. My favourite fish right now."


Sustainability - our rating 7/10

Our gilt-head sea bream come from a well managed Aquaculture stewardship council (ASC) certified farm. The feed, environment and the welfare are managed through the independant certification policy. Our rating leaves room for improvement as there is still work to be done on the feed to fork ratio.


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