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Black cod belly sashimi

Gindara - sashimi black cod belly

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  • 180945
  • Sushi grade black cod from Alaska/Canada
  • The belly is literally bursting with oils
  • "Tastes awesome when cooked" (customer review)

This is a bit of a wild card. The black cod belly is a minority item in sushi restaurants and one sushi chef told us that it's too rich - black cod being an oily fish and the belly its oiliest part. But others disagree: "It was amazing as sushi. The belly meat literally oozes Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids." said one commentator on (Omega-6? What's that?) So strap in for a full-on in-mouth experience. Sushi is all about raw fish, and yet almost randomly, some fish are served cooked and the one most often cooked in our experience is black cod. Just a quick torching or grilling is all that's needed - for instance at Sushi Kappo Tamura, (third down on the left) a top west coast eatery. And we noted that one of our customers thought this item, "not really sushi grade, but tastes awesome when cooked".


It's very important to use a very sharp knife when slicing your strip to cut it cleanly.




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