Gooseneck barnacles
250g / 1 pack
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Gooseneck barnacles

Gooseneck barnacles

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1 pack / 250g / 8 available
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  • There are anywhere between 10-30 in a pack
  • Easy to cook, just don't use any salt!
  • One pack would serve two main meals

Also known as percebes, the gooseneck or good barnacle is an expensive rarity, chipped off dangerous rocky chorelines by intrepid collectors. At this price, you can understand their motivation, so pay up and be grateful! A large barnacle is usually about 7cms long. To cook them, toss them into boiling water for two minutes, peel them while they're still warm, and off you go. We should tell you that you will get a certain amount of genuine rock (as in, the cliff) in your pack because the barnacles are very firmly attached to it and would be damaged if removed before cooking. 

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