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Haddock fillet steaks in a pan
Haddock fillet steaks
Haddock fillet steaks in broth

Haddock fillet steaks

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These fillet steaks and bullet steaks are cut from large haddock fillets, which we've portioned into oblong mid-fillet steaks or ’bullets’ from the front of the fillet. Both the haddock fillet steaks and bullets, boneless and skinless - haddock skin is a bit tougher than that of cod and we believe skinless haddock is preferable. For a more illustrative description of the portioning scroll down to the fish terms section below. We always strive to source and supply line-caught haddock from MSC certified fisheries. Haddock has a mild taste with lean white flesh that flakes beautifully when cooked. Why not try making your own posh battered or breaded fish and chips at home with this haddock?

  • MSC certified and line caught haddock fillets
  • North Sea haddock
  • Two steaks per pack
  • Skinless and boneless cuts, both fillet steaks and bullets
  • We also offer the best quality smoked haddock 

Featured customer reviews

  • "I love this fish grilled with melted grated cheese and served with spinach and mashed potato."
  • "Really great product. Always on our order list."

  • "Very smooth, great taste very nice."




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