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Large haddock fillets
Large haddock fillets

Haddock fillets

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NE Atlantic

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  • These are whole haddock fillets.
  • They contain pinbones (for boneless, buy fillet / loin steaks or portions).
  • Smaller fillets are great for pan frying.
  • We try to use MSC certified and line-caught haddock

In Grimsby they know a thing or two about fish - and their favourite is haddock. Our haddock fillets come from the cold North Atlantic and are frozen on board the boat within hours of capture. Whilst this haddock is frozen, it’s about as fresh-frozen as you will get because the freezing process has locked paused the haddocks deterioration only hours after capture. These fillets contain a few pin bones and are skin-on. Looking for something boneless? Our haddock fillet steaks are the answer. Haddock has a slightly fuller flavour than cod.

Featured customer reviews

  • "Excellent fillets, needing very little pin boning. Delicious."
  • "Beautiful, tasty fish. You’d never know it was frozen. Delicious."
  • "Made homemade haddock fishcakes - Delicious"


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