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Cooked hake fillet steak
Cooked hake fillet steak on a plate with rice and lemon
Hake fillet steaks in a baking tray

Hake fillet steaks

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Sumptuous, boneless steaks of hake cut by us from large British fish. For hake-lovers, the highest form of luxury. We buy and fillet the freshest hake a caught and landed off the coast of Cornwall. We use fish that are 5-6 kg in order to achieve nice thick steaks that are great for pan-frying or baking. These hake fillet steaks cannot be cooked from frozen. We suggest defrosting them in your fridge over night before preparing and cooking them. Where often asked what hake is like compared with cod. Hake has a greyer skin than the greenish yellow skin of a cod. The flesh of the hake is slightly more delicate than that of the cod. Cod have larger flakes of flesh than hake. Whilst both fish have white flesh the hake's flesh is 'creamier' in appearance. Hake has more of a 'taste' than cod. Whilst this fish is somewhat underrated in the UK it is one of the most popular fish in Spain, and the Spanish know their fish! Cornish hake is a great sustainable white fish to try!


Baked Hake With Leeks

Hake was quite healthy before it encountered this recipe

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