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Hake loin steaks

Hake loin steaks

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These are sumptuous, boneless steaks of hake from the thick neck section - for hake-lovers, the highest form of luxury. To get this cut we use selected XXL Cornish hake - always super-fresh, of course. We're often asked what hake is like compared with cod. The hake's flesh is more fragile but also creamier, giving it a more distinct taste than cod. Most Cornish hake goes to Spain where"merluza" is revered. Cornish hake is a great sustainable white fish to try!

Regular customers please note that we used to call this cut "bullets"... this is the renamed item. For a similar item, hake fillet steaks, go here.

Featured customer reviews 

  • "Delicious fish - large fillets - without doubt the best hake I have tasted - very impressed"
  • "A lovely fresh bit of hake!"
  • "Very tasty and fresh"

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