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Hand cut tuna steaks

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The dark and dense meat of the tuna will remind you of the finest beefsteak. And it tastes even better - take it from us! Prefers to be cooked very simply and served rare. Perfect for BBQs. All packs comprise two sirloin steaks, with no skin and no bone. These have been cut by us from fresh fish flown in from the Indian Ocean. We are focussed on only selling pole and line tuna which is the most sustainable capture method on offer. Catching the fish one by one nearly eliminates by catch and limits the damage to the ocean. Our preferred sources of pole and line yellow fin tuna are from The Maldives or Oman.

  • Caught sustainably by pole and line - 'one by one' landing ethos
  • Caught in The Maldives or Oman
  • These steaks are cut from top quality sashimi grade loins
  • Tuna species: Yellow-fin tuna


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