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Herring fillets

Herring fillets

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Herring large enough to fillet are a bit of a rarity - they all seem to be snapped up by the kipper men. But we get our hands on some from time to time. Of course, herring is unbelievably good for you with its high oil content - eat often - live longer! But you knew that already, didn’t you? When we can we buy British landed herring and fillet them ourselves. We supplement this intermittent supply with large fillets from Norwegian herring. These fillets are ready to be cooked. Whilst efforts have been made to remove bones some small ones may remain. 

  • Four large fillets per pack
  • British or Norwegian herring
  • Great for making your own pickled herring

Featured customer reviews

  • "The fish was delicious. It came really well packed and frozen. After defrosting, I grilled two pieces. Splendid. I marinaded the rest as Polish-style Sledz, which is my favourite."
  • "Very impressed with the quality and taste of the fillets. Would certainly recommend."
  • "Beautiful, full of flavour, succulent and wonderfully packed. Five stars!"




Everything you need to know about herring

When you think of herring, your mind might send you to Scandinavia and you might conjure up images of pickled fish with radishes and rye bread.

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