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Two semi peeled cooked king crab claws
Semi peeled king crab cooked claws
A bowl of semi peeled cooked king crab claws

King crab claws

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  • 442095
  • King crab claws imported from Chile
  • Available in packs of two or six
  • Perfect for dipping sauces such as melted butter


Hedge fund managers! Form your queue here... the most extravagant way of eating this exquisite delicacy. Densely packed with sweet white meat, these king crab claws have been scored for easy access. These claws are cooked and are ready to be served once defrosted. Our king crab claws typically come from Chile. The southern hemisphere king crab is slightly different from the Alaskan/Russian species but no less tasty or expensive. These claws are great when incorporated into a plat des fruits des mer or served as a pair for a starter.


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