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King crab meat in a bowl
Cooked king crab meat on a wooden serving board

King crab meat

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Pure hand-picked cooked meat from our top-selling Norwegian cold water king crab. We pick the meat ourselves and take care to remove shell from the edible meat. We sell both leg meat and should meat. The leg meat is more 'chunky' in comparison to the shoulder meat which is 'stringier'. Both have the wonderful sweet flavour that is associated with king crab. The crab meat is cooked and ready to eat. If re-heating, be careful not to overheat as this may dry the meat out. 

  • Handpicked crab meat
  • Cooked and ready to eat king crab meat
  • Choose from leg meat or shoulder meat
  • Packs are 150g 
  • Great multi-buy savings available when you buy more than one pack at a time 


King Crab With Thai Sauce

Just about special enough for king crab

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King Crab Risotto

King Crab Risotto

For this recipe I like to buy a cooked crab and use the shoulder to mix in with the risotto but save the leg - the star of the show – to go on top. A crab stock is preferable but vegetable stock works well too.

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