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Two cooked king crab prime sections with one split in half showing the white crab meat
Whole king crab prime sections
Whole king crab prime sections on black background

King crab prime sections - cooked

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The most sumptuous way to enjoy this superb king crab. These are the upper sections - the thighs - of its long legs. They’re typically six to eight inches long, and they contain the wonderful sweet white meat for this giant red crab is famous. A pack comprises two drainpipe-shaped sections. To serve, cut them lengthways to get two ’gutters’ per section. A pack weight of 250g+ could be streched across four servings, but it’s probably best to stick to a minimum of one section per serving. We also offer the lower leg sections which, being narrower, contain less meat. But it’s the same meat and they are considerably less expensive. And often we also offer a raw version of this item for you to cook yourself (very simple).  

  • The best section from the top section of the king crab leg
  • These sections are cooked so be careful not to over-cook them when re-heating
  • Norwegian king crab
  • 1 section per serving / 2 for a hungry crab lover
  • Cut the crab leg section open with kitchen scissors


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