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Cooked king prawns in garlic butter

King prawns in garlic butter

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Jumbo peeled king prawns with garlic and herb butter. Throw in your pan for just 2 to 3 minutes. You may want to add some sliced fresh red chillis to give the dish an extra kick. We use a 50g knob of garlic butter in each pack which should prove ample. Each pack contains our peeled king prawn tails which are impressively large. We suggest 1 pack as a starter for 2 people or a main for 1. 

  • Jumbo size king prawns (peeled & deveined) 
  • King prawn tails/tiger prawn tails
  • Tip: add some chilli to your garlic prawns
  • Serve your garlic prawns with some thin sliced toasted ciabatta

Featured customer reviews

  • "These are great for when I don't have time to do my own prep! Nice firm prawns, not too much garlic, and a sweet overall flavour. Great as a snack or with pasta."
  • "Had them a few times before, very large prawns, very sweet under the garlic, perfect with pasta and a protein-rich quick and easy meal"
  • "Very large prawns, very sweet, the garlic is not overbearing - great with pasta"


Prawns, butter, parsley, garlic

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