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devilled potted prawns
Devilled potted prawns
These devilled prawns are not for the faint hearted. The fiery spicy kick from the cayenne followed shortly by the smoky paprika notes gives these sweet prawns a real depth of flavour. The abundance of flavour going on with these prawns...
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Garlic & Herb Potted Prawns
Garlic & herb potted prawns
If you love seafood you’ll enjoy this delicious prawn starter. Potted prawns are a British classic! The idea of shoving lovely, tender prawns into a little pot may seem a bit backward to some, but once you've tasted the gently seasoned...
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confit garlic & herb butter
Garlic confit & herb butter
Each pack has one 100g roll of butter Perfect to add a bit of flavour to almost any fish dish Made by our in house chef This new in house whipped butter compliments most of our seafood range, whether you are looking to enhance the...
Kingklip loin steaks
Kingklip loin steaks
Each pack contains two skin on loin steaks Kingklip is a great option if you're having a braai A 330g bag would be enough for two main courses South Africans should be aware that this is not the species they remember, it is in fact a New...
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Salmon belly sashimi
Sake - organic salmon belly sashimi grade
Each pack contains between 1 -3 strips of skinless, boneless salmon belly sashimi This is the oil rich belly cut from the salmon For sushi, a main course requires 150g of fish per person A hero from the sushi bar - cuts from the fat-rich...
From £7.80
Maguro sashimi yellowfin tuna
Tuna Sashimi Grade -60C Super Frozen Maguro
CHECK OUT our Explore Sushi Day 1 block of top quality super frozen yellowfin tuna Intended to be served as sashimi or in sushi rolls A main course of sushi or sashimi requires total 150g of fish per person For beginners or for the...
From £18.40
Cod loin steaks
Cod Loin Steaks
Each pack contains two skin on loin cuts This cut is great for baked cod A 320g pack would serve two main meals Our cod loin steaks are the prime cut from large fillets of cod. The loin is the thickest part of the fillet, and this is...
From £11.20
Rock Lobster Tail
Rock lobster tails
Food of the gods! Other names for this fish include crawfish and spiny lobster. The lobster tail has no claws, so we sell just the tail. Unless you’re dead set on the visual spectacle of a traditional lobster with claws, rock lobster is...
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Peeled king prawns raw - XL size
Peeled king prawns - raw
Our raw peeled king prawns are ready to go after defrosting. They have been peeled so no major cleaning is required, apart from the odd vein that may remain. The tiger prawn from South-East Asia is the world’s favourite king prawn, but...
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Sea bass whole
Whole sea bass
1 gutted, scaled and trimmed fish per pouch We recommend baking this fish whole either in the oven or on a BBQ 350g is the ideal portion-size for one person Perfect restaurant-style whole sea bass, cleaned and descaled, ready to pop in...
From £5.60
Best North Atlantic peeled prawns
Best North Atlantic peeled prawns
These are cooked, peeled, individually frozen and ready to eat Try our recipe for a prawn pad thai One 200g pack would make two meals These prawns from Greenland have been one of our best selling lines for over 20 years. We've tasted...
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Scottish smoked salmon
fishRjumpin smoked Scottish salmon
Each pack has 200g of long sliced, cold smoked salmon The perfect option for a smoked salmon bagel One pack would make two very generous starter servings Our FishRJumpin smoked salmon is Scottish fish smoked by an award winning...
£8.70 £9.70
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