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Two skinless ling fillet steaks

Ling Fillet Steaks

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The ling is a cousin of the cod and haddock, and you can do all the same things with it. We sell our ling fillets in several formats. Somewhat unusually the steaks may contain bones. If so, they’re called ’bone-in steaks’ in the table. The bones are easy to see and all in a straight line. We leave them in when they are difficult to remove without ruining the fish (this usually means it’s super-fresh fish). They will, however, remove easily after cooking. Our ling ’fillet steaks’ and ling bullets do not contain bones. Ling fillets are part of our everyday fish range. That’s because ling fillets represent good value for money. And it’s also because you’ll find that ling fillets are extremely versatile.

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