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A bowl of crab and lobster bisque

Lobster bisque

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Good thick soups from crab, lobster and crayfish equally ready to provide a quick indulgence or a fancy first course. They’re all in baked beans size tins. Please note these are ’old school - comes in a tin’ soups from Jurgen Langbein, with no shortage of old-school ingredients including lashings of E numbers and the odd spoonful of monosodium glutamate. Perhaps that’s why they’re so tasty. For the detail, click ’ingredients’.



Water, lobster meat (5%), palm fat, wheat flour, condensed milk, cream (3.5%), crustaceans, brandy, spices, celery, horseradish, onion extract, salt, sugar, starch, lactose, milk, modified maize starch, citric acid, beta-carotene, paprika extract, monosodium glutamate, aroma


Water, shrimp (5%), palm fat, wheat flour, North Sea crab (2%), white wine (2%), cream (1.5%), crustacean extract, tomato purée, modified maize starch, salt, sweet, spice, sugar, celery, horseradish, onion extract, spices, citric acid, beta-carotene, paprika extract, monosodium glutamate, aroma (contains lactose)

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