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Maatjes herring
A pair of maatjes herring fillets
Maatjes herring fillets

Maatjes herring fillets

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A rich Dutch secret. Herring fillets from very young fish, lightly cured. Each pack contains two fish and each fish comprises two fillets, joined at the tail in the traditional way. Maatjes herring are a typical Dutch snack and are often eaten with diced raw white onion. This is a specialty item, if you're looking for more marinated herring see our range of marinated herring fillets. We have two options of pack size. The most popular is the two fish in a vaccum pack, the other 'sharing' pack is 10 fish frozen together in a tray, you will get a better rate per fish buying the tray. 

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  • "Very good flavour and firmness excellent with fresh chopped onion"
  • "A great starter or a light lunch, served with cold plain boiled potatoes, chopped onion and a little fresh dill. Best I ever had were in Antwerp market a cold Sunday before Christmas. Full from a huge hotel breakfast we could not walk past the Maathes herring stall. We ate quite a few, cut up and placed on fresh onion, straight from the paper. They served as an appetite walk up call for not that long after we had a splendid fish lunch. Brill it was (the fish Brill) !"


Maatjes Herrings In Onion Marinade

As served in Amsterdam's finest eateries

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salt and herrings.

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