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Mahi Mahi with a breadcrumb crust
Mahi-mahi fillet steaks

Mahi-mahi fillet steaks

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This wonderful name is from Hawaii, but in fact this fish is known in all warm seas world-wide. Elsewhere you might have come across it as lampuki, lampuga, dorado or dolphin fish (although it’s nothing to do with dolphins). It’s main feature is a towering forehead. It also has an exquisite turquoise, green, yellow and silver skin over a firm but flakey dark flesh which cooks to an attractive off-white. It can attain 30-40kgs and 1.5 metres in length, so even a smaller specimen yields 10 to 20 satisfying no-nonsense fillet portions. These are from XL fresh fish processed by us, so they’re rather more expensive.


Grilled Herby Mahi-Mahi

Super simple

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