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Cooked meretrix clams in a blue and white bowl

Meretrix clams

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These cockle-sized clams are from Vietnam and they are a passable alternative to Venus clams. Surf clams are reasonably priced, quite meaty and very popular. They come in two versions: with both shells or with one shell removed, leaving the meat nestling in the other shell (we don’t always have both kinds). Surf clams are perfect for rice and pasta dishes. Normally they’re cooked, but you can reheat (briefly!).

PLEASE NOTE: Live clams open when you cook them. This is because the heat relaxes the muscle, pushing the clam open. These clams were alive and kicking when they were frozen, but as they are now dead, some probably won't open, because the muscle won't register the heat. You can pry them open with a blunt knife. The ones that don't open are safe to eat. 



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