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One monkfish fillet with onions garlic and chilli in the background
Monkfish fillet steaks
Monkfish fillet cooking on the griddle in tandoori marinade

Monkfish fillets

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Monkfish can be described as a meaty fish. It doesn't flake when cooked such as a cod fillet would, it holds together in one muscular piece. This characteristic means it is flexible to your serving style, serve them as whole fillet steaks or bake it and slice it into thin cutlets. We source nearly all of our monkfish from Scottish landings where the fish are large and fresh. Long gone are the days when we in this country regarded monkfish as trash and exported it all to the delighted French. Your pack comprises one or two pieces of a skinned and boned tail from a large monkfish. Try monkfish braised with Mediterranean vegetables or white wine, saffron and cream. If you are a monkfish lover why not try monkfish cheeks? These are all the rage in the top London restauraunts. You'll be all the rage at your next dinner party!

  • Our monkfish is landed in the UK
  • Thick cut fillet steaks cut from very large monkfish
  •  Recipe suggestion: Baked monkfish with truffle slices (great for a dinner party)
  • Serving suggestion: 160g per person


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