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New Zealand half shell green lipped mussels
A pile of cooked half shell New Zealand mussels
Green lipped mussels

Mussels - half shell

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New Zealand

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c30 mussels / 800g / 10+ available
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From New Zealand, also known as green-lipped mussels owing to the emerald tinge along the shell edge. These mussels come attached to one of the two sides of their shell, which makes a convenient carrier for all sorts of toppings - we recommend breadcrumbs soaked in wine, with a touch of pepper. The green-lipped mussel is generally much larger than the European mussels you are probably familiar with. These mussels are cooked and ready to be topped which makes them really 'user-friendly'.  There are about 30 halved mussels in each box.

  • These are freshly frozen mussels from New Zealand
  • These mussels are cooked and presented in half of their shell
  • Recipe suggestion: Grilled Garlic Mussels
  • These mussels are individually frozen so you don't have to use them all at once
  • Customer review - "The mussels come frozen in their shells but defrost quickly.  Our favourite way to serve is as you do in New Zealand... with a topping such as Thai curry spices and coriander or 'bloody mary' tomato salsa and then under the grill for five minutes. The Fish Society service was wonderful.  I needed the mussels for a special party but mixed up my dates. I realised my mistake with just 24 hours to spare and the Society rushed my order overnight. Phew!  "


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