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Octopus tentacles

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These octopus tentacles are cooked and then frozen. We pack them in packs of 2 tentacles. One tentacle is a reasonable serving for the main course for one person. Octopus has a sweet flavour and isn't chewy as many people believe it to be. These tentacles are great when sliced and served cold in a salad -  a favoured dish in Spain, Portugal and Italy. Another serving idea, slice the cooked octopus tentacles thinly with a sharp knife and drizzle with lemon juice, high-quality olive oil and shredded flat-leaf parsley. Serve the thin seasoned seasoned slices up as a tapas or starter. The octopus tentacles are from either Portuguese or Spanish octopus. We only buy and sell this species of octopus which is far superior to the eating quality of the British octopus (unfortunately). 

Featured customer reviews

  • "Beautifully packaged the octopus tentacles were frozen which helps to tenderise them. After reviewing recipes online I poached them in a wine-based stock and they were delicious."
  • Delicious, perfectly cooked for the BBQ we had a Mexican evening and accompanied with fish tacos and too much tequila. Fish society delivered in ice and we were good to go."



COOKED tentacles contain antioxidant E301, salt, stabiliser E331 and maltodextrins

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