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Whole raw octopus
Whole cooked octopus with lemon and herbs
Whole cooked octopus

Octopus - whole

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There are many species of octopus and they all look pretty similar, but ours is the best. They’re double suckered octopus from Portugal or Spain where this fish is revered and for good reason. Six to 12 inches in diameter (when in a ’clump’), a 1kg fish will feed up to four people. Our pack includes prep instructions and a simple recipe involving a lot of red wine. Or take a look at this erudite piece from the New York Times. For a good preparation video, go here.

  • This is a whole octopus and is frozen as it comes out of the sea
  • Our octopus come from Spain or Portugal
  • Recipe suggestion: Octopus with wine & fennel
  • For smaller octopus that you can eat whole see - baby octopus 


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