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Whole raw octopus
Whole cooked octopus with lemon and herbs
Whole cooked octopus

Octopus - whole

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  • This is a whole octopus and is frozen as it comes out of the sea
  • Our octopus come from Spain or Portugal
  • Recipe suggestion: Octopus with wine & fennel
  • For smaller octopus that you can eat whole see - baby octopus 


There are many species of octopus and they all look pretty similar, but ours is slightly different (in a good way). They’re double suckered octopus from Portugal or Spain where this fish is revered and for good reason. Six to 12 inches in diameter (when in a ’clump’), a 1kg fish will feed up to four people. Our pack includes prep instructions and a simple recipe involving a lot of red wine. Alternatively, take a look at this erudite piece from the New York Times.

For a good preparation video, go here.



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