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A cooked king salmon fillet portion on salad
King Salmon Fillet Portions
Tail end fillets of king or chinook salmon. Why not have a try of this coveted Pacific salmon
From £16.40 £18.20
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Raw whole wild Australian king prawns
Whole wild king prawns
These are Australian Spencer Gulf MSC certified whole wild king prawns. They are a beautiful prawn from a well managed fishery that has travelled around the world to be on your plate. They have a lighter colour than other Asian tiger...
From £20.20 £25.30
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Two fine fresh blue cod fillets
Blue Cod Fillets
Blue cod is exclusively found in New Zealand. Our supply came from the Chatham Islands which are East of New Zealand and well and truly in the middle of no-where. Blue cod is not related to the common British Atlantic cod or the Alaskan...
From £21.90 £24.30
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Cooked escargot canapes
Escargots / Snail Canapés
Canape snails are an exciting newcomer - the deshelled snail sits on a crouton bathed in garlic butter. Ideal stand-up eating - needs only 1 hand! 12 croutons per pack.
From £6.10 £10.20
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Raw fresh collars
A collar is the very front part of a fish fillet, where it joins the gills. It contains a large but thin bone which makes a useful handle (and sometimes a couple of smaller bones). Attached to them is a triangle of muscle-laden with rich...
From £4.30 £5.70
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Two cooked king salmon fillet steaks
King Salmon Fillet Steaks
The king or chinook salmon has always been the most coveted of the several species of Pacific salmon. Now, someone in New Zealand has cracked how to farm it. (And, by golly, how to charge for it!) We got in a small shipment for customers...
From £23.90 £26.60
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Cooked sea bass misshapes
Sea bass misshapes
Misshapes are nice pieces of fish that are left over when we make steaks. They’re boneless and skinless. You could cook them up by themselves - just flash fry in butter - or mix a few packs up to make a fish stew or fish pie.
From £8.10 £9.00
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Whole large New Zealand snapper
Whole New Zealand snapper
We’re offering this as fillets elsewhere, but here it is as a whole fish, to make a WOW impression on your friends. Roast in the oven and serve in a giant dish. These fish are about 50cms long.
From £38.70 £45.50
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Two New Zealand snapper fillet steaks
New Zealand snapper fillet steaks
These are the primmest and most convenient pieces of our NZ snapper. The flesh is delicious and so is the skin. Much loved by all seafood eating Kiwis.
From £23.40 £27.50
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Flesh side up fillet of New Zealand snapper
New Zealand snapper fillets
You have Jeremy, our operations director to thanks for this. He’s a Kiwi and has been going on about the special fish of New Zealand for months. If you knew the hoops we jumped through to get this consignment from the other end of the...
From £18.80 £22.10
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A tin of trikalinos salt
Trikalinos fleur de sel - sea salt
It must be magic! This is the most gorgeous food enhancer ever. It won’t last long.
From £4.70 £5.90
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Whole baby octopus on a wooden serving board
Baby octopus
This is a Thai product. They’re cleaned, individually frozen and weigh about 20g each. You can cook and eat them whole.
From £6.60 £7.30
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