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Two pots of potted shrimp turned upside down with lemon
Potted shrimps
The genuine Morecambe Bay article ready to eat, in clarified butter. The traditional accompaniment is a generous pile of thinly sliced bread and butter and a pot of tea. But you should try tipping a pot onto a very hot crispy baked...
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A tin of Ortiz sardines
Ortiz tinned sardines
You can buy a tin of sardines in Aldi for 37p. Even Waitrose have perfectly good sardines for 60p. So how do we get to this price? Answer 1: just try them. Answer 2: superior fish, cleaned by hand, packed in virgin olive oil. Did you...
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Raw dover sole fillets
Dover sole fillets
Skinned and beautifully trimmed Dover sole fillets - your minimum requirement when spending this kind of money. But then, you are getting the primest cut of the primest fish, if you’ll excuse our enthusiasm. Although you need a mortgage...
From £12.30 £14.50
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A bowl of peeled brown shrimps on ice
Peeled brown shrimps
A British favourite. Imagine peeling these little guys? They are small, sweet and moreish. These little brown shrimps are cooked and peeled. They tails are frozen together in a 100g bag so when you defrost them you'll need to eat them...
From £7.70 £8.50
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Oven baked and golden brown cod fish fingers
Jumbo Cod Fillet Fishfingers
Twice the normal size, our cod fillet fish fingers are coated in a crispy batter or breadcrumb and can be cooked in the oven. Great when served with peas and tartar sauce. Made with quality Atlantic cod fillet - not minced fish Oven bake...
£7.10 £8.40
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Salmon sushi
Sake - organic salmon belly sashimi
A hero from the sushi bar - cuts from the fat-rich belly of salmon (as with meat, fat means flavour). Never tried sushi? Start with one pack of this salmon sushi - it’s sublime. The belly strips are thinner than the back strips we offer...
From £2.90 £3.60
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Sea urchin roe in brine from the tin
Sea urchin roe in brine
Beautiful Spanish sea urchin roe. This is a small tin of quite neatly processed urchin roes - typically half roes. Definitely, the most convenient form in which we sell this item.
From £7.50 £15.00
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Fishrjumpin smoked salmon on a toasted bagel with cream cheese
fishRjumpin' smoked Scottish salmon
Every year, we hold a tasting session to review competitively-priced smoked salmon from many smokehouses. The favoured pack becomes our fishRjumpin choice. Good value is essential, but taste and texture are the prerequisites. Our new...
From £7.60 £8.90
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Skinless hake
Skinless hake fillets
South African hake which has been filleted, skinned and frozen on board the fishing vessel - can’t get fresher. We were really delighted with this purchase - some of the highest quality frozen-at-sea fillets - beautifully prepared and...
From £6.60 £9.40
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Cornish sardine fillets in olive oil
Cornish sardine fillets in olive oil
These tasty Cornish pilchard fillets were produced in France using techniques perfected by the Bretons since 1853. The fish were caught one evening by small Cornish vessels using sustainable techniques approved by the Marine Stewardship...
From £2.50 £2.90
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A cooked razor clam from a tin
Tinned razorshell clams
Tinned razorshell clams for your convenience. We sell them ’as caught’ in our clams section. But these are a Spanish delicacy - ’Navajas’ - small clams in a sardines-sized can. A can contains around 8 fish preserved in brine, without the...
£10.00 £13.20
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Two raw wahoo steaks on the bone style
Wahoo / Kingfish steaks
Wahoo is a famous sporting fish found in the Indo-Pacific and Caribbean. No doubt Ernest Hemingway caught a few (but he called it kingfish). These are on-the-bone steaks.
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