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Skinless hake
Skinless hake fillets
South African hake which has been processed and frozen on board the fishing vessel - can’t get fresher. We were really delighted with this purchase - some of the highest quality frozen-at-sea fillet - beautifully processed and skinned. -...
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One raw Scottish lobster tail
Scottish lobster tails
If you don’t need the Full Monty, these are ideal. Because they're caught and processed in a different way from our rock lobster tails , these have not been treated with any kind of chemical. However, you may need to remove the...
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Scallops that have been caught by a diver
Dived king scallops
We buy all of our hand dived scallops from Scotland. They can be seasonal as the divers struggle to get out frequently during the winter; this in turn slows supply and shoots the price up in the off season. Luckily for you, we try and...
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Cooked escargot canapes
Escargots / Snail Canapés
Canape snails are an exciting newcomer - the deshelled snail sits on a crouton bathed in garlic butter. Ideal stand-up eating - needs only 1 hand! 12 croutons per pack.
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Cooked crayfish
These are wild crayfish from Spain. It’s the Louisiana species (Procambarus Clarkii) - the same one which has taken over many English waterways. They have been cooked and then frozen in small blocks in cooking liquor. One block (of dill)...
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Raw whole wild Australian king prawns
Whole wild king prawns
These are Australian Spencer Gulf MSC certified whole wild king prawns. They are a beautiful prawn from a well managed fishery that has travelled around the world to be on your plate. They have a lighter colour than other Asian tiger...
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Two raw cod fillet portions
Cod fillet portions - hand cut
This is a very nice piece of fish. It's similar to what we call a fillet steak, but didn't quite make the grade, thickness-wise. But same fish, same flavour. Produced from ultra-fresh cod landed at UK or Icelandic ports then rushed to us...
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Sachet of salt cod
Salt cod (Bacalao)
This is the "hard as a cricket bat" version of salt cod. It comes in pieces of cut fillet, about 20-40g per piece and is a genuine deluxe version of hard salt cod, boneless, skinless and 100% edible. Produced in Scotland by an inspired...
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Freshwater eel steaks cut on the bone style
Freshwater eel steaks
’The queen of palate pleasure’ is how Izaak Walton described the eel. True, he liked most fish - but this was a special accolade. Ours are fine freshwater eel from Ireland or Holland - normally farmed, these days. They have been cleaned...
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A cat with a soft fish toy
Fish for cats and dogs
Here we offer mixed raw fish frozen into a block. Your pets will love it and it will be very good for them. Few skins and no large bones. Defrost, cook, and serve. As 100% protein with no additives, this is fantastic value.
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A bowl of deep fry only prawns
Deep fry prawns
Deep fry only! Lovely long prawns that crisp up fantastically. Just deep fry at 180c for 3 to 3 and a half minutes from frozen.
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Two kingklip fillet steaks
These Kingklip are lovely big fish from the New Zealand coast. South Africans will need to be advised that it’s a slightly different species from theirs, but hey, we DEFY you to tell them apart. Kingklip has colourful red and brown skin...
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