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Sea urchin roe in brine from the tin
Sea urchin roe in brine
Beautiful Spanish sea urchin roe. This is a small tin of quite neatly processed urchin roes - typically half roes. Definitely, the most convenient form in which we sell this item.
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Nile Perch fillets
Nile Perch fillets
One of the largest-growing freshwater fish in the world, however these fillets come from fish that are a much more manageable size.
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Two fine fresh blue cod fillets
Blue Cod Fillets
Blue cod is exclusively found in New Zealand. Our supply came from the Chatham Islands which are East of New Zealand and well and truly in the middle of no-where. Blue cod is not related to the common British Atlantic cod or the Alaskan...
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Raw wild Canadian sidestripe shrimp tails
Wild sidestripe shrimp tails
This is a special prawn which is only found on the Pacific coast of Canada. It's all but unknown in the UK but we were offered a small shipment and said yes. It's wild, pink or red when alive (most prawns are grey), has dinky little...
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Mussels and kombu
Tapa of mussels in spicy sauce & kombu
This is a vibrant sweet and spicy ready to eat Spanish tapa. The kombu brings the sweetness and the mussels are rich with flavours of olive oil, tomatoes, lemons and chilli. Don’t think too hard on how to serve this or what to serve it...
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A jar of rouille
Rouille - Spicy Mayonnaise
Here is a little jar of the famous Provencale concoction. It’s spicy rust-coloured mayonnaise (rouille means ’rust’) which goes with bouillabaisse like ketchup with chips. Ours is made in France and the base ingredient is rapeseed oil....
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Skinless pangasius fillets
Pangasius fillets
’Panga’, craftily renamed ’river cobbler’ by an anonymous marketing smarty, is farmed in large quantities in Viet Nam. Somewhat infamously passed off as cod from time to time, it does indeed look similar but the taste is rather...
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Two zander fillets on a wooden chopping board
Zander fillets
Like cod? Like haddock? Push your boundaries: try this fine freshwater fish with white muscle flakes and an excellent taste. Zander is a continental fish, introduced to the UK in 1910 by the Duke of Bedford, a keen angler. You may also...
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Wakame in the tin in brine
Wakame in brine
Wakame has a gentle salty flavour typical of natural sea vegetables. It has a slight crunch and is more substantial than some of the other seaweeds we sell. Our tinned wakame is best when simply seasoned or matched with and Asian twist...
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Angulas - baby eels
Genuine angulas are as rare as hens’ teeth. However, we recently secured a very small shipment, which arrived by Securicor and is kept in the Fish Palace strongroom. If £10 a mouthful is a bit ambitious, try the surimi angulas.
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White sturgeon fillet steaks
White sturgeon fillet steaks
The white sturgeon (acipenser transmontanus) originated from the Pacific coast of North America but is now farmed in Europe for caviar. It's a magnificent fish which can grow to five metres and 500 kilos. Ours came from our Italian...
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Smoked salmon side
Smoked Salmon Side Unsliced
There are few greater pleasures than slicing your own side of smoked salmon. Just make sure you have a very sharp (and ideally long, smooth edged) knife. These are produced by an award-winning smokehouse in the UK. They're trimmed and...
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