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 Tuna Steaks
Tuna steaks
Fine yellowfin tuna Initially frozen at minus 60 for taste and texture May be eaten raw These tuna steaks are initially frozen at -60c to better preserve the taste and texture of the tuna. They're 100% natural, without ice glaze or...
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Oven baked and golden brown cod fish fingers
Jumbo Cod Fillet Fishfingers
Twice the normal size, our cod fillet fish fingers are coated in a crispy batter or breadcrumb and can be cooked in the oven. Great when served with peas and tartare sauce. Made with quality Atlantic cod fillet - not minced fish Oven...
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Cooked king prawns in garlic butter
King prawns in garlic butter
Jumbo peeled king prawns with garlic and herb butter. Throw in your pan for just 2 to 3 minutes. You may want to add some sliced fresh red chillis to give the dish an extra kick. We use a 50g knob of garlic butter in each pack which...
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Wild king salmon fillet steaks
America's finest salmon Rich and creamy taste Very rare in Europe Regret - not guaranteed bone free. Whereas the Atlantic Ocean has just one species of salmon, the Pacific has seven. However, only one is on a par with Atlantic salmon -...
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Cooked gilt-head sea bream fillets
Gilt-head sea bream fillets
Two large fresh gilt-head sea bream fillets per pack. The fillets have been scaled and pin boned so are ready to be cooked. The bream fillets are great when grilled or pan fried. For that perfect crispy skin, remember to pat the skin dry...
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Wild king salmon sashimi
Wild king salmon sashimi
These are belly cuts from our Canadian king salmon. They are much leaner and firmer than farmed salmon belly, verging on austere - this salmon was super fit! We have limited quantities so oftentimes you'll find we're out of stock. But if...
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Wild salmon misshapes sockeye salmon from America
Wild salmon misshapes
Misshapes are nice pieces of fish that are left over when we make steaks. These are chunky offcuts of wild salmon. They’re boneless and skinless. You could cook them up by themselves - just flash fry in butter - or mix a few packs up to...
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Black cod fillet portion
Black cod fillet portions
Number 1 online black cod retailer Alaskan black cod from and MSC certified fishery Frozen at sea sashimi-grade black cod We sell three portion-sized cuts - this is the cheaper one. Perfect for miso black cod recipe This is...
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Barramundi fillets
Barramundi fillets
Highly regarded fish in Australia and Asia Meat similar to sea bass 2 skin-on fillets per pack The magnificent barramundi is an icon of Australia but is well known across all of South-East Asia. The flesh cooks to large, white flakes. If...
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wild salmon fillet white background
Wild Salmon - Whole Fillet
The fillets have been scaled and pin boned by our expert filletter 600 grams of fish can easily serve 3-4 people Fine American sockeye salmon These are fine whole sides of wild sockeye salmon. They have a stunning orange/red appearance....
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One black cod tail piece on chopping board
Black cod tail piece
A tail piece will serve 2 We suggest roasting the black cod tail piece in foil in the oven Try marinaded the tail piece in a miso marinade before roasting When we steak a large fish, the tailpiece - where the body narrows and the steaks...
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Ventresca fillet steaks of wild king salmon
Oil-rich belly cut Superb taste Imperfect shape Only large fish yield the ventresca cut, but king salmon is legendarily HUGE. These are oil-rich extra-tasty steaks of belly flesh. They're not the perfect shape: lop-sided, thinner,...
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