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Two pots of potted shrimp turned upside down with lemon
Potted shrimps
The genuine Morecambe Bay article ready to eat, in clarified butter. The traditional accompaniment is a generous pile of thinly sliced bread and butter and a pot of tea. But you should try tipping a pot onto a very hot crispy baked...
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Herring melts on toast with parsley
Herring melts
Melts or milts are the roes of male herring, often known as ’soft roe’. Rich and creamy, they literally melt in your mouth and are very good for you as they are full of vitamin D. Occasionally, we offer herring roe (from female herring)...
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Two organic salmon fillet steaks
Organic salmon fillet steaks
These are boneless fillet steaks from Scottish organically farmed salmon. The skin has been descaled. Organic salmon costs more than other farmed salmon and has a more attractive look and taste. The flesh is brighter in colour and the...
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Thin fillets of smoked eel presented with cress and lemon
Smoked Eel Fillets
Probably the finest smoked fish of all... well worth the rather steep price. Some people like the delicate thin fillets from smaller eel which will give you up to five fillets per 100g. Others prefer strapping great fillets from large...
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Grilled mackerel fillet
Mackerel fillets
Not only is a fillet of mackerel very tasty, it’s extremely good for you, because it’s crammed full of essential Omega-3. Our packs contain either 4, 6 or 8 mackerel fillets as most people will want two fillets per serving. We tend to...
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Sea urchin roe in brine from the tin
Sea urchin roe in brine
Beautiful Spanish sea urchin roe. This is a small tin of quite neatly processed urchin roes - typically half roes. Definitely, the most convenient form in which we sell this item.
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Two cooked handmade crab cakes
Handmade Crab Cakes
We've been around the houses with crab fish cakes, including making our own for a while from white crabmeat - they were astronomically expensive. Perhaps we shouldn't have been so posh. These new boys are from brown crab meat but they...
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Cooked king crab cluster and claw arms
King crab cluster - cooked
One of the most spectacular items in our range. Our leg clusters have three 16 inch long legs and a claw arm. They’re cooked and ready to eat after defrosting (but you could re-heat). The shell is pliable and can easily be cut with...
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A bowl of peeled brown shrimps on ice
Peeled brown shrimps
A British favourite. Imagine peeling these little guys? They are small, sweet and moreish. These little brown shrimps are cooked and peeled. They tails are frozen together in a 100g bag so when you defrost them you'll need to eat them...
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Two cooked king crab prime sections with one split in half showing the white crab meat
King crab prime sections - cooked
The most sumptuous way to enjoy this superb king crab. These are the upper sections - the thighs - of its long legs. They’re typically six to eight inches long, and they contain the wonderful sweet white meat for this giant red crab is...
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Cooked handmade fish pie on a rustic plate
Handmade fish pies
Update February 2019 - regular customers please note... our pies are changing. Jane, who has made them for many years, is retiring. So we have scoured the country and found a good alternative. It's a bit smaller (400g not 600g) and (as...
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Black cod fillet steaks
Black cod fillet steaks
This is unquestionably one of the finest fish in the sea. Also known as sablefish, black cod comes from fisheries in Alaska and Canada which are a fascinating 30-year tale of morality in sustainable fishing. You can read this story here....
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