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Tako - sliced octopus tentacles
Tako - sliced octopus tentacles
Cooked and sliced octopus tentacles. Perfect for sushi dinners
From £9.00 £12.60
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Cooked escargot canapes
Escargots / Snail Canapés
Canape snails are an exciting newcomer - the deshelled snail sits on a crouton bathed in garlic butter. Ideal stand-up eating - needs only 1 hand! 12 croutons per pack.
From £6.10 £10.70
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Sachet of salt cod
Salt cod (Bacalao)
This is the "hard as a cricket bat" version of salt cod. It comes in pieces of cut fillet, about 20-40g per piece and is a genuine deluxe version of hard salt cod, boneless, skinless and 100% edible. Produced in Scotland by an inspired...
From £6.40 £7.90
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Raw king scallops on wooden chopping board
King scallops - no coral
For several years, we stocked only dived scallops (that means your scallops were collected by a wetsuit-clad eco-hero), but the price premium has grown alarmingly. So we now offer dredged as well as dived. Here’s an independent account...
From £7.60 £8.90
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Cooked octopus tentacles
Octopus tentacles
Cooked octopus tentacles. Reheat and serve whole or in sections. Or just defrost and serve.
From £12.20 £17.10
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Peeled raw king prawn tails
Peeled king prawns - raw
Our raw peeled king prawns are ready to go after defrosting. They have been peeled and deveined so no further cleaning is required before hitting the pan. The tiger prawn from South-East Asia is the world’s favourite king prawn, but...
From £8.80 £11.00
Salmon collars
A collar is the very front part of a fish fillet, where it joins the gills. It contains a large but thin bone which makes a useful handle (and sometimes a couple of smaller bones). Attached to them is a triangle of muscle-laden with rich...
From £2.50
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cod cheeks on a brown board with lime
Cheeks and tongues
The head of a large monkfish is a pretty scary thing, but it yields two magnificent pieces of meat. Large cod are - sadly - in very short supply these days (although the situation is improving), but they too have jolly fine cheeks. These...
From £4.70 £6.60
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Desalted cod fillet  (Bacalao)
Desalted cod fillet (Bacalao)
Discover the wonderful world of salt cod. It’s a favourite of Rick Stein, used in his superb fritters . This is skinned fillet, boneless apart from a few pin bones. Processed in Portugal, it was salted to give it that inimitable flavour,...
From £2.20 £4.80
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Two fresh yellowtail king fish fillet steaks
Yellowtail kingfish fillet steaks
Yellowtail is an attractive fish with white flesh and just a touch of oil. Highly prized by the Japanese sashimi trade, it is farmed in Australia and one or two other countries. This fish finds its way into all the world’s best sushi...
From £24.90 £30.80
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A tin of trikalinos salt
Trikalinos fleur de sel - sea salt
It must be magic! This is the most gorgeous food enhancer ever. It won’t last long.
From £4.70 £6.20
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Cooked lobster shells
Lobster shells & bodies
Calling all foodies (at any rate, the ones in aprons). These shells are left over from our dressed lobsters, or from langoustines. You can turn them into a great bisque or stock.
From £4.30 £5.00
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