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Whole freshwater eel on ice
Freshwater eel - whole
Eel gives some people the shudders, but it has a wonderful, rich meat. ’Sometimes, I think it’s my favourite fish’ said fish guru, Jane Grigson. Our eels are normally farmed eels from Ireland or Holland. We also offer steaks of eel and...
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Salmon collars
A collar is the very front part of a fish fillet, where it joins the gills. It contains a large but thin bone which makes a useful handle (and sometimes a couple of smaller bones). Attached to them is a triangle of muscle-laden with rich...
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Dried bombay duck and spices
Bombay duck
The mysterious Bombay Duck (it’s named after a train!) starts out as a genuine fish - the bummalo. But it’s known wherever Indian cooking is appreciated in its crackling dry very pungent version. Ours originates in Thailand but we would...
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Mackerel fillets with olives
Mackerel fillets with olive oil
The boldly coloured tin contains two perfect small mackerel fillets in good olive oil with chopped olives - a level of sophistication that defies mackerel's humble reputation. A lovely tinned fish to add to our collection of great light...
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Two kingklip fillet steaks
These Kingklip are lovely big fish from the New Zealand coast. South Africans will need to be advised that it’s a slightly different species from theirs, but hey, we DEFY you to tell them apart. Kingklip has colourful red and brown skin...
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Peeled king prawns on a skewer being grilled with pepper and spices
Peeled king prawns on a skewer
Handsome raw peeled prawns, mounted on a wooden skewer. Perfect for barbecues and equally good for grilling.
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Cooked snow crab meat on a wooden board
Snow crab meat
Snow crab meat has a characteristic sweetness. It is available in numerous versions with different blends of expensive leg met and less expensive shoulder meat. And it is quite hard to obtain.
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Smoked sturgeon with red peppercorns
Smoked sturgeon
Smoked sturgeon is a surprising luxury addition to the smoked range, its full of flavour and has an attractive texture. Vac-packed in slices like smoked salmon.
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Freshwater eel steaks cut on the bone style
Freshwater eel steaks
’The queen of palate pleasure’ is how Izaak Walton described the eel. True, he liked most fish - but this was a special accolade. Ours are fine freshwater eel from Ireland or Holland - normally farmed, these days. They have been cleaned...
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A cat with a soft fish toy
Fish for cats and dogs
Here we offer mixed raw fish frozen into a block. Your pets will love it and it will be very good for them. Few skins and no large bones. Defrost, cook, and serve. As 100% protein with no additives, this is fantastic value.
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A cooked scallop mornay
Scallop Mornay
Our scallop mornay is a superb handmade rendition of this classic recipe. Presented in a real scallop shell, it contains 60g scallop meat per serving. 100% natural ingredients - just like would make it yourself, if only you had the time....
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Sachet of salt cod
Salt cod (Bacalao)
This is the "hard as a cricket bat" version of salt cod. It comes in pieces of cut fillet, about 20-40g per piece and is a genuine deluxe version of hard salt cod, boneless, skinless and 100% edible. Produced in Scotland by an inspired...
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