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Tinned scabbardfish in a tin
Tinned scabbardfish fillet
The mysterious very long and very thin scabbardfish (it’s very well named) is arguably Portugal’s favourite fish. We do sell it ’fresh(ly) frozen’ from time to time but we are out of stock at the point of writing. However, here it is in...
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A large raw king crab cluster
King crab clusters - raw
As an alternative to our cooked giant red crab, we offer the same item raw. Cook in boiling water for 15 minutes. You will need a very large pan. As an alternative, you could cut your cluster into sections. (We also sell this item in...
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Cooked lobster shells
Lobster shells & bodies
Calling all foodies (at any rate, the ones in aprons). These shells are left over from our dressed lobsters, or from langoustines. You can turn them into a great bisque or stock.
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A cat with a soft fish toy
Fish for cats and dogs
Here we offer mixed raw fish frozen into a block. Your pets will love it and it will be very good for them. Few skins and no large bones. Defrost, cook, and serve. As 100% protein with no additives, this is fantastic value.
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Dried milled kombu
Dried kombu
Kelp is a seaweed can grow to enormous lengths - over 30 metres - in dense forests which may extend for thousands of acres. A favourite nibble of sea urchins, kelp (kombu in Japan) has many uses from thickening ice cream to reducing...
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Scallops that have been caught by a diver
Dived king scallops
We buy all of our hand dived scallops from Scotland. They can be seasonal as the divers struggle to get out frequently during the winter, this in turn slows supply and shoots the price up in the off season. Luckily for you, we try and...
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Two fresh sea bass fillet steaks with chilli and ginger
Sea bass fillet steaks
These are no-expense-spared oblong-shaped boneless fillet steaks from the middle of the fillet of extra large fish.
From £18.10 £20.10
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Two fresh yellowtail king fish fillet steaks
Yellowtail kingfish fillet steaks
Yellowtail is an attractive fish with white flesh and just a touch of oil. Highly prized by the Japanese sashimi trade, it is farmed in Australia and one or two other countries. This fish finds its way into all the world’s best sushi...
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Ebi prawns on a rice ball ready to eat
Ebi - sushi prawns
20 superbly-prepared sushi prawns per tray - cooked, peeled (tail is left on) and then butterflied - to make the perfect filling for a tiger eye or nestle carefully on your nigiri. But you don’t have to be a sushi-fan to appreciate Ebi....
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Prime fresh fillets of wild sea bass
Sea bass, wild, boneless fillets
These fillets have been skillfully sliced from British fish. They tend to come from fish that are 1-2kg. They will be trimmed neatly and have had their pin bones removed.
From £42.30 £47.00
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Desalted cod fillet  (Bacalao)
Desalted cod fillet (Bacalao)
Discover the wonderful world of salt cod. It’s a favourite of Rick Stein. Here, he makes superb fritters. This is skinned fillet, boneless apart from a few pin bones. Processed in Portugal, it was salted to give it that inimitable...
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Alistair pretending to kiss a fine sea bass
Sea bass, wild, whole trophy fish
Specially reserved for investment bankers... looking for a centrepiece for your next banquet? Try one of these magnificent fish. Please note that fish above 2.5 kilos are over 24"/60cms long, so you’ll need to remove the tail to fit them...
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