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Salt cod pate on toast
Salt Cod Pate
The classic French 'Brandade de Morue' salt cod pate, re-imagined by Shetlands best salt cod producer. The texture is smooth, light and creamy, with delicate flavour. This pate is delicious served on hot toast, and would be a great...
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Two kingklip fillet steaks
These Kingklip are lovely big fish from the New Zealand coast. South Africans will need to be advised that it’s a slightly different species from theirs, but hey, we DEFY you to tell them apart. Kingklip has colourful red and brown skin,...
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Fishrjumpin smoked salmon on a toasted bagel with cream cheese
fishRjumpin' smoked Scottish salmon
Every year, we hold a tasting session to review competitively-priced smoked salmon from many smokehouses. The favoured pack becomes our fishRjumpin choice. Good value is essential, but taste and texture are the prerequisites. Our new...
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King crab prime sections raw
King crab prime sections - raw
As an alternative to our cooked giant red crab, we now offer the same item raw. Cook easily in boiling water. These sections are five to eight inches long. We also sell less expensive lower legs sections.
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Ebi sushi prawns
Ebi - sushi prawns
20 superbly-prepared sushi prawns per tray - cooked, peeled (tail is left on) and then butterflied - to make the perfect filling for a tiger eye or nestle carefully on your nigiri. But you don’t have to be a sushi-fan to appreciate Ebi....
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Raw wild Canadian sidestripe shrimp tails
Wild sidestripe shrimp tails
This is a special prawn which is only found on the Pacific coast of Canada. It's all but unknown in the UK but we were offered a small shipment and said yes. It's wild, pink or red when alive (most prawns are grey), has dinky little...
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Sturgeon sashimi strip
Shirochozame - sashimi white sturgeon
This is oil-rich meat of the white sturgeon. It's a rare but fabulous eat.
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Freshwater eel steaks cut on the bone style
Freshwater eel steaks
’The queen of palate pleasure’ is how Izaak Walton described the eel. True, he liked most fish - but this was a special accolade. Ours are fine freshwater eel from Ireland or Holland - normally farmed, these days. They have been cleaned...
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Two raw fresh organic salmon fillet portions
Organic salmon fillet portions
These are boneless fillet portions from organically farmed salmon. Organic salmon costs more than other farmed salmon and has a more attractive look and taste. A quick visit to an intensive low-cost salmon farm followed by one to an...
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Salmon sushi
Sake - organic salmon belly sashimi
A hero from the sushi bar - cuts from the fat-rich belly of salmon (as with meat, fat means flavour). Never tried sushi? Start with one pack of this salmon sushi - it’s sublime. The belly strips are thinner than the back strips we offer...
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Sashimi escolar saku block
Sashimi escolar saku block
A perfect block of sashimi grade escolar (also known as oilfish, and sometimes sold as White Tuna). This fish has a very high oil content. Eat in moderation - we recommend no more than 170g per person.
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Two king crab claw arms raw
King crab claw arms - raw
As an alternative to our cooked king crab, we now offer the same item raw. Cooks easily in boiling water. These are crushing claw arms with a huge claw on the end.
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