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Cooked hake fillet steak
Hake fillet steaks
Sumptuous, boneless pieces of hake cut by us from large British fish. For hake-lovers, the highest form of luxury.
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A tin of Oscietre caviar
Caviar Number 2 Oscietre
Caviar Number 2 is from Guldenstaedtii or Osceitre sturgeon, and this is produced by our friends in Italy. In the days when caviar came from wild fish, oscietre was unusually variable in terms of size, flavour and colour. At its most...
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Cooked fillet steak of patagonian toothfish
Patagonian Toothfish Fillet Steaks
Back in the 1970s, a Californian fish merchant figured that the Patagonian Toothfish would never take off in restaurant menus under its own name. Cut to the Chilean Sea bass. A tortured history since then has starred the Prince of Wales...
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Salmon collars
A collar is the very front part of a fish fillet, where it joins the gills. It contains a large but thin bone which makes a useful handle (and sometimes a couple of smaller bones). Attached to them is a triangle of muscle-laden with rich...
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Cooked lobster shells
Lobster shells & bodies
Calling all foodies (at any rate, the ones in aprons). These shells are left over from our dressed lobsters, or from langoustines. You can turn them into a great bisque or stock.
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Skinless hake
Skinless hake fillets
South African hake which has been processed and frozen on board the fishing vessel - can’t get fresher. We were really delighted with this purchase - some of the highest quality frozen-at-sea fillet - beautifully processed and skinned. -...
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Patagonian toothfish sashimi on a rice ball
Patagonian Toothfish Sashimi
Globe-trotting sushi-lovers will be aware that this fish, being an American "discovery", is on every sushi menu in the USA whilst being quite rare in Japan. Will it be on yours?
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A cooked scallop mornay
Scallop Mornay
Our scallop mornay is a superb handmade rendition of this classic recipe. Presented in a real scallop shell, it contains 60g scallop meat per serving. 100% natural ingredients - just like would make it yourself, if only you had the time....
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Two blue abalone from New Zealand
The shell of the abalone (it rhymes with baloney by the way, and is also known as ormer) is a nondescript grey-brown outside but with a fabulous mother of pearl inside. You will keep it forever. New Zealand Blue Abalone: These stunning...
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Tinned mussels in a pickled leek sauce
Mussels in pickled sauce with leeks
The organic mussels come from Galicia where the mussels are in our view excellent. They’re lightly marinated with leeks, extra virgin olive oil, white wine vinegar, onion, balsamic vinegar and sea salt. A splendid pre-prandial nibble or...
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Brill roe
Brill roe
Frozen high quality Brill roe. Brill, like Turbot, will produce very large, tasty roes. We carefully remove them when filleting so you can enjoy them at home.
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Barramundi fillets
Barramundi fillets
The magnificent barramundi is an icon of Australia but is well known across all of South-East Asia. It normally lives at least part of its life in rivers, but it can also cross over to the sea. The flesh cooks to large, white flakes. We...
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