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Half a dozen raw razorshell clams with lime
Razorshell clams
Razors are little blighters to catch, but well worth the effort, as you get a lot of sweet-tasting meat inside. They are simplicity itself to prepare, following the directions on our pack. These are raw - defrost and treat just like...
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Whole raw blue lobster
Raw lobster
Cooking your own lobster ensures the best culinary experience. And here’s how: take a six-inch deep pan, put five inches of water in it and add enough salt to make an egg float. Bring to the boil, turn to simmer, and put the defrosted...
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King prawn tails cooked
Peeled king prawns - cooked
These are black tiger prawns from South-East Asia. They’re ten times the size of cold water prawns (such as our Best North Atlantic prawns) and they have an excellent firm texture verging on crunchy. Add a little mayo or something...
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Whole sea bass and two whole fillets on white background
Sea bass, wild, whole
Fine wild sea bass from the English Channel. Scaled and gutted as usual. This fish is great to roast, or to poach in a fish kettle, and serving it up whole on the table will add a flourish to your meal. About 60% of the weight is edible,...
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cod cheeks on a brown board with lime
Cheeks and tongues
The head of a large monkfish is a pretty scary thing, but it yields two magnificent pieces of meat. Large cod are - sadly - in very short supply these days (although the situation is improving), but they too have jolly fine cheeks. These...
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Senegal sole
Senegal sole
The Senegal sole is the warmer water version of the Dover sole. It’s not quite a culinary match, but the price is correspondingly advantageous. They are packed with fine white meat. They make a handsome meal. These are farmed in Spain.
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