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Whole plaice and plaice fillets
Plaice fillets
We source top quality large plaice fillets from Holland, where plaice is virtually a religion. We normally offer you a choice between dark side fillets and white side. Dark is more expensive because they're heavier/thicker and, in our...
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A large raw king crab cluster
King crab clusters - raw
As an alternative to our cooked giant red crab, we offer the same item raw. Cook in boiling water for 15 minutes. You will need a very large pan. As an alternative, you could cut your cluster into sections. (We also sell this item in...
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Red mullet liver
Red mullet liver
OK. We know. To 99% of you, that picture is just... yuk. In fact the whole concept... you just don't understand it. OK. WE'RE TALKING TO THE ONE PER CENT. You know that this is a truly fabulous ingredient for fish sauces of every kind....
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Two raw fresh organic salmon fillet portions
Organic salmon fillet portions
These are boneless fillet portions from organically farmed salmon. Organic salmon costs more than other farmed salmon and has a more attractive look and taste. A quick visit to an intensive low-cost salmon farm followed by one to an...
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Red Mullet roe
Red Mullet roe
Red mullet roe doesnt quite have the same reputation as its Bottarga pioneering namesake the Grey mullet, but we believe it is a great roe for eating.
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Three king crab claw arms cooked on a lemon
King crab claw arm - cooked
King crabs have a very large right claw - the crushing claw - which is the absolute star prize for gourmets. The left claw is a more of a precision instrument. Here we offer the larger right-hand claw attached to their arms, making a...
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Grilled freshwater eel fillet
Freshwater eel fillets
Freshwater eel carefully butterflied by our expect filleter. These fillets are perfect for grilling 'kabayaki' style, a Japanese fish preparation involving sweet soy. Each fillet, similar to a kipper, contains small bones.
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Two whole salmon fillets
Salmon - whole fillet
These are party pieces - whole salmon fillets, 14-18 inches long. We leave the skin on (but they are descaled), and of course, all bones have been removed. They look spectacular when served. We suggest you cook them in in foil, in the...
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Two fresh yellowtail king fish fillet steaks
Yellowtail kingfish fillet steaks
Yellowtail is an attractive fish with white flesh and just a touch of oil. Highly prized by the Japanese sashimi trade, it is farmed in Australia and one or two other countries. This fish finds its way into all the world’s best sushi...
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An arctic surf clam on a rice ball
Hokkigai - Arctic Surf Clams
An interesting addition to our sashimi range. These colourful clams look great included in any sashimi dish, and are a welcome change in flavour from the more mainstream sashimi. These clams have been blanched (boiled very briefly), and...
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Two stuffed raw brown trout
Brown trout
The native brown trout is a favourite of every angler, but is much less popular with trout farmers because. well, it’s a bit too fussy. So they all focus on the up-for-it rainbow trout (which originally came from America). However, a...
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Two fine fresh blue cod fillets
Blue Cod Fillets
Blue cod is exclusively found in New Zealand. Our supply came from the Chatham Islands which are East of New Zealand and well and truly in the middle of no-where. Blue cod is not related to the common British Atlantic cod or the Alaskan...
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