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Three different flavours of butters
Flavoured butters
We tried these butters from a small Welsh producer and judged them excellent. We’re starting with three flavours and if they go well, there’ll be more.
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A tin of trikalinos salt
Trikalinos fleur de sel - sea salt
It must be magic! This is the most gorgeous food enhancer ever. It won’t last long.
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A whole king salmon fillet next to a knife
King salmon - whole fillet
Whole fillets of King or Chinook salmon. Pacific salmon popularity is on the rise, and we're sure these magnificent fillets will rival its Scottish counterpart
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Dried milled kombu
Dried kombu
Kelp or Kombu is a seaweed that can grow to enormous lengths - over 30 metres - in dense forests which may extend for thousands of acres. A favourite nibble of sea urchins, kelp (kombu in Japan) has many uses from thickening ice cream to...
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Desalted cod fillet  (Bacalao)
Desalted cod fillet (Bacalao)
Discover the wonderful world of salt cod. It’s a favourite of Rick Stein, used in his superb fritters . This is skinned fillet, boneless apart from a few pin bones. Processed in Portugal, it was salted to give it that inimitable flavour,...
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